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SAM 2012 - Presentation Instruction

The technical program offers three parallel sessions; please refer to the technical program to find out the detailed schedule of papers and the session chair. 

Lecture Presentation Guidelines

All 12 lecture sessions will be held at Rooms 104, 110 and 122, located at the first floor of Babbio Center (Building 6 on Stevens Map).

No later than June 11th, the authors should email presentations to corresponding session chair(s), along with the name of designated speaker and one-paragraph biography.

Each lecture presentation is allocated 20 minutes. A time budget recommended for most lecture presentations is: 15 minutes for your talk, 2-3 minutes for questions, and 1-2 minutes for transition between speakers. Please design your presentation to fit the time frame and practice to make sure you will not run out of time.

Please arrive well before your scheduled presentation time and check with the session chair for any specification. Each meeting room will be equipped with a computer connected to a projector.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

All 3 poster sessions will be held at Babbio Atrium, also located at the first floor of Babbio Center (Building 6 on Stevens Map). They run simultaneously with the lecture sessions, with a duration of 2 hours. 

The display area of the Poster Boards is 6' long x 4' high (1.83 m x 1.22 m). Any posters within this size is fine (typically 4' x 3' or 3' x 4'). Push pins for affixing your poster to the display board will be provided. 

Please arrive well before your scheduled presentation time and tack the poster to the board. Prepare a short presentation of about 5 to 15 minutes that can be given to the attendees. Be prepared to repeat presentation several times. Plan to spend the entire session at your poster.


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