The Research Enterprise Visit The Research Enterprise to view up-to-the-minute information Custom (Nikhil Maheswaraiah) Copyright 2011, Stevens Institute of Technology The Research Enterprise Ph.D. Dissertation Defense by Shuai Li January 31, 2014<br><br> Shui Li presented his Ph.D. dessertaion defense on &ldquo;Distributed Estimation and Control with Applications to Multi-robotic Systems&rdquo;. Congratulations Dr. Li! <a href="">[Read more...]</a> Ph.D. Dissertation Defense by Shubo Zhang October 29, 2013<br><br> Shubo Zhang presented his Ph.D. dissertation defense on &ldquo;Cooperative Control Design for Emerging Applications in Biomedical and Service Robotics&rdquo;. Congratulations Dr. Zhang! <a href="">[Read more...]</a>