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Stevens Institute of Technology

Research News

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Our work is mentioned as Highlights from President of Stevens [December 19, 2011]

Debra Facktor Lepore profiled on Space News [December 12, 2011]

Dr. Woo Lee Makes Graphene-Based Inkjet-Printed Electronics [December 7, 2011]

Dr. Xiaoguang Meng and UNICEF Improve Drinking Water in Bangladesh [December 6, 2011]

DARPA Grant Streamlines Data for the Department of Defense [December 5, 2011]

Articles about Our Driver Detecting Technology [December 5, 2011]


Smart City: Hoboken - Field Project Pilot through the Intelligent Governance of Large Urban Systems (IGLUS) Initiative [November 21, 2011]

Systems Engineering for an Agile and Lean World [November 20, 2011]

SERC Vision as a National Resource [November 20, 2011]

Dr. Strauf's Research Team Featured in Photonics Spectra [November 17, 2011]

Rapid Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio [November 3, 2011]


Dr. Chen Detects Driver Cell Phone Use to Decrease Accidents [October 21, 2011]

New NSF Grant Supports Dr. Attygalle's Investigation on Ant Pheromones [October 13, 2011]

Embedded Nanotechnology Devices for Monitoring National Infrastructure [October 6, 2011]

Optimizing Offshore Wind Energy Funded by DoE [October 5, 2011]


NSF Grant Supports Graphene Nanoelectronics Research at Stevens [September 30, 2011]

Swarm Intelligence Enables Better Nerve Grafts [September 15, 2011]

Nanotechnology for Better Natural Gas Utilization [September 13, 2011]

Applying New Mathematics for Robust Cryptography and a Safer Internet [September 12, 2011]

Stevens Researchers Pioneer Novel Technique to Make Plasmonic Nanogap Arrays [September 6, 2011]


Dr. Yang Receives DURIP Grant to Support Nanoscale Imaging [August 30, 2011]

Software Engineer Faculty Member Dr. Mark Ardis work Highlighted by IEEE Software Magazine [August 2, 2011]


CSR welcomes the 2011 class of Summer Research Institute (SRI) students [July 12, 2011]

Stevens Hosted Biomaterials Research Conference [July 7, 2011]


Stevens Selected to Host 2012 IEEE SAM Workshop [June 22, 2011]

Ph.D. Candidate Jon Belkowitz Uses Nanosilica to Strengthen Concrete [June 9, 2011]

Our paper on "Detecting Driver Phone Use Leveraging Car Speakers" is accepted by MobiCom 2011 [June 9, 2011]

Environmental Engineering Students and Faculty Study Passaic River Pollution [June 7, 2011]

Dr. Marahelli G. Prasad Serves as Guest Editor for Advances in Acoustics and Vibration [June 6, 2011]

Conference Explores Latest Innovations in Antimicrobial Biomaterials Research [June 6, 2011]


Dr. Mitola Enhances the Conversation at EastWest Institute Cybersecurity Summit [May 31, 2011]

Dr. Chandramouli Invited to White House Communications Roundtable Discussion [May 23, 2011]

Howe School Dean Search [May 17, 2011]

Dr. Dawn Digrius Researches Water Resources Management in Coastal Lowland Ecuador [May 12, 2011]

Dr. Knut Stamnes Receives NASA Grant for Environmental Monitoring [May 12, 2011]

Cognitive Radio Inventor Received IEEE Award [May 9, 2011]

Students Design Portable Hydrogen Reactor for Fuel Cells [May 4, 2011]


R&E Day 2011 to feature high-profile keynote speakers with a focus on innovation [April 29, 2011]

The National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce Receives Homeland Security Award [April 21, 2011]


Paper accepted for presentation [March 23, 2011]

Dr. Yu Tao Researches Gender and Ethnicity in Science and Technology [March 7, 2011]

New Laser Technology Could Revolutionize Communications [March 3, 2011]


CSR Faculty and SRI Students Selected to Present their Research at the 5th Annual DHS University Network Summit [February 23, 2011]

Research Cover Story in Applied Physics Letters [February 23, 2011]

A. K. Ganguly Delivers J. G. Topliss Award Lecture [February 17, 2011]

Dr. Michael M. Zavlanos Receives NSF CAREER Award for Robot Network Research [February 14, 2011]

Dr. Guo presented a seminar at Rutgers University [February 11, 2011]

UNESCO Invites Professor Alan Blumberg for Research Collaboration [February 8, 2011]

Dr. Strauf of Physics Receives NSF CAREER Award for Quantum Research [February 1, 2011]

Creamer Article Published [February 1, 2011]

Prof Creamer - Chaired Session -Computational Finance [February 1, 2011]


Sakamoto Research Paper Published [January 28, 2011]

Applications are now being accepted for SRI 2011! [January 17, 2011]

Announcing the Release of GRCSE Version 0.25 [January 13, 2011]

Multidisciplinary Research of Ancient Sea Scorpions Yields Surprising Results [January 11, 2011]

Professor Chen receives Google Research Award in Mobility [January 1, 2011]

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