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Research News

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Dr. Miasnikov and Dr. Gilman Receive National Security Agency Grant [December 22, 2010]

Dr. Zhang Models Drugs and Proteins with High-Accuracy Computational Analysis at Stevens [December 21, 2010]

Microfluidic Devices Culture 3D Tissues and Test New Drugs [December 21, 2010]

Ph.D. student Wenlin Zhang's paper is presented at IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control. [December 17, 2010]

Dr. David A. Vaccari Studies Passaic River Pollution [December 13, 2010]

Paper was accepted for WEB 2010 in St. Louis [December 6, 2010]

Welcome Li Fong Chen [December 6, 2010]

Financial Engineering Seminar Series - December 2, 2010 - Emanuel Derman [December 2, 2010]


Dr. Joseph Mitola to Address Future of Radio Standards at Wireless Innovation Conference [November 29, 2010]

Individual vs. Group Success in Social Networks [November 23, 2010]

Dr. Miasnikov Receives Marsden Fund Award [November 22, 2010]

Dr. Joseph Mitola Presents Future of Wireless at IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 [November 19, 2010]

Stevens Nanotechnology Seminar Series: Controlling Light in Photonic Structures [November 17, 2010]

Milan Begliarbekov Publishes Papers on Graphene [November 17, 2010]

Chemical Biologists Discover New Characteristic of Progeria Protein Linked to Premature Aging Disease [November 17, 2010]

At Stevens, Dr. Sutin is Detecting Divers by the Sound of their Breath [November 15, 2010]

Glavy Lab WHIPs up the Nuclear Pore [November 15, 2010]

New Characteristics of Premature Aging Protein Discovered at Stevens [November 15, 2010]

Dr. Sutin is Detecting Divers by the Sound of their Breath [November 11, 2010]

Stevens and TNO Conduct Joint Experiments in Dutch Harbor to Gather Acoustic Data for Maritime and Port Security [November 8, 2010]

Professor Hongbin Li Receives AFRL Contract to Develop MIMO Radar [November 5, 2010]


Predicting Individual Behavior with Social Networks [October 28, 2010]

Professor Yong Shi Debuts Nanogenerators for Biomedical Devices [October 28, 2010]

Congratulations Dr. Bertels [October 26, 2010]

PMI Grant Awarded to Patanakul [October 25, 2010]

Systems Development & Maturity Laboratory awarded fourth NPS grant to further research in Systems Earned Readiness Management [October 21, 2010]

Dr. Guo presented a seminar at Polytechnic Institute of NYU [October 21, 2010]

Dr. Jose Ramirez-Marquez and Dr. Brian Sauser receive the 2010 Jess Davis Memorial Award for Research Excellence [October 20, 2010]

Undergrad Aidan Zerdoum '12 Develops 3D Bacteria Models at Stevens [October 19, 2010]

Research VP Dr. Joseph Mitola Gives Keynote at Sustainable Technology Research Conference [October 14, 2010]

Rohmeyer & Ben Zvi Paper Presented to MCIS 2010 [October 12, 2010]

Dr. Stefan Strauf and Dr. Eui-Hyeok (EH) Yang Publish Two Journal Papers About Graphene in Applied Physics Letters [October 11, 2010]

IEEE WTS 2010 Conference selects paper by Fallah and student Ye Ouyang [October 7, 2010]

Nanoimprint Lithography NSF Grant Awarded to Micro Device Lab at Stevens [October 6, 2010]

Security Research Roadmap Developed [October 5, 2010]

Microfluidic Devices Advance 3D Tissue Engineering at Stevens [October 5, 2010]

IEEE Selects Fallah & Ye Ouyang paper [October 4, 2010]

Fishman Paper Published [October 1, 2010]


Professor Xiaoguang Meng Receives Honorary Master of Engineering from Stevens [September 28, 2010]

Dr. Wakeman of Stevens Center for Maritime Systems Published in TR News [September 28, 2010]

Fallah, Murphy & Stohr - Paper to be Published [September 27, 2010]

NSF Funds Research to Enable Distributed, Fair and Privacy-Preserving Collaboration [September 23, 2010]

Dr. Antonio Valdevit Headed to Kyoto as NIRA Finalist [September 22, 2010]

Prof. Yi Guo received NSF Grant [September 8, 2010]

Stinerock paper published [September 7, 2010]

Nickerson & Sakamoto paper [September 3, 2010]


NSF Awards Professor Chen a Grant to Research in Wireless Networks to Enable Intruder Detection and Emergency Alerts [August 27, 2010]

American Society of Civil Engineers North Jersey Branch Educator of the Year Award [August 23, 2010]

Dr. Peter Dominick and Dr. Richard Reilly -- Award [August 19, 2010]

New online resource for optics & photonics [August 17, 2010]

Holahan, Mooney & Paul publish [August 14, 2010]

Professor Zhongping Jiang Presented in ECE Seminar Series [August 12, 2010]

Ph.D. student Yao Lu presented her Ph.D. proposal [August 12, 2010]

August 11, 2010 - SRI students complete intensive summer research program culminating in a port security simulation exercise, team presentations and final research reports. [August 11, 2010]

NSF Funds Innovative Approach to Biomimetic Nanofiber Bone Regeneration [August 4, 2010]


NSF Funds Stevens Professors Nickerson and Sakamoto in Building a Creativity Collective [July 28, 2010]

PICMET '10 - Howe School professors present [July 23, 2010]

International Business Times highlights Professor Yong Shi [July 22, 2010]

Stevens Hosts 2010 Metro Area NEMS/MEMS Workshop [July 20, 2010]

Congratulations Dr. Lechler [July 16, 2010]

NSF Awards Professor Chen a Grant to Research Mobile Information Sharing Systems [July 15, 2010]

Congratulations to Dr. Hua Wang! [July 15, 2010]

NanoLetters Highlights Dr. Yong Shi's Energy Harvesting Technology [July 12, 2010]

Howe School Project Management Faculty to speak [July 8, 2010]

Dr. Jose Ramirez-Marquez - President of Quality Control & Reliability cluster of the Institute of Industrial Engineers [July 7, 2010]


Prof. Yi Guo presented a keynote speech at the International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering. [June 27, 2010]

Dr. Mitola and Cognitive Radio Are Featured on Computing Now [June 23, 2010]

Congratulations Prof. Patanakul [June 23, 2010]

Dr. Mitola Delivered Keynote at CrownCom 2010 [June 17, 2010]

Davidson Lab's 75th Anniversary Photo Album! [June 16, 2010]

Glavy invited to EMBL [June 15, 2010]

Ph.D. student Hau Wang's paper is presented in IEEE International Conference on Control & Automation. [June 11, 2010]

Studying the Environmental Effects of Tungsten [June 9, 2010]

Stevens Hosts Security and Privacy Day [June 9, 2010]

Environmental Effects of Tungsten: Damage Mitigation and Green Alternatives [June 8, 2010]

Davidson Lab 75th Anniversary Celebration [June 7, 2010]

Dr. Mitola Delivers Keynote Address and Leads Workshop at International Software Radio Conference [June 2, 2010]


Stevens Institute of Technology Launches iPhone App [May 26, 2010]

Dr. X. Frank Xu Receives Prestigious 2010 K.J. Bathe Award [May 26, 2010]

Prof. EH Yang selected to Editorial Board of Journal of Postgenomisc: Drug and Biomarker Development [May 25, 2010]

Stevens Team Places Third in 2010 IEEE/NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge [May 21, 2010]

Nature Magazine Features Dr. Choi's Nano-Engineering Research [May 20, 2010]

Stevens WebCampus Receives 21st Century Award from USDLA [May 18, 2010]

Dr. Vaccari Named Member of NJDEP Science Advisory Board [May 14, 2010]

Dr. Dentcheva Receives Multi-Year NSF Grant for Risk-Averse Optimization [May 11, 2010]

Dr. Dentcheva Receives Multi-Year NSF Grant for Risk-Averse Optimization [May 11, 2010]

Stevens Team Takes 1st in RIT IEEE '10 Design Contest [May 10, 2010]

Dr. Michael Bruno on Minnesota Public Radio: Oil-Spill Containment Technologies [May 4, 2010]

Ph.D. student Yao Lu published her paper in Journal of Control Theory and Applications. [May 4, 2010]

Dr. Michael Bruno Discusses Oil Rig Disaster on CNBC May 4, 2010 [May 3, 2010]


Initiative Provides New Mobile Dimension to Hudson River Monitoring Network [April 30, 2010]

ONR Continues Major Funding of ACCeSS Research Center [April 26, 2010]

Saving Lives with Real-Time Detection of Toxic Chemicals [April 22, 2010]

Saving Lives with Real-Time Detection of Toxic Chemicals [April 22, 2010]

Research & Entrepreneurship Day 2010: Engineering Innovation [April 21, 2010]

Scopus Lunch & Learn [April 20, 2010]

Citation Management Tools Demos [April 20, 2010]

U.S. Department of Energy Announces 2011 Solar Decathlon Student Teams [April 16, 2010]

Stevens Receives Contract from the US Navy to Work on Swimmer Detection Capability [April 13, 2010]

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Free Trial [April 12, 2010]

Dr. Chang-Hwan Choi Honored with Prestigious Young Investigator Award [April 7, 2010]

Alumnus Visits Stevens to Give Nano Lecture [April 5, 2010]

Computer Science researchers receive a Google Research Award [April 5, 2010]

Stevens Acquires Multi-Modal Physical Vapor Deposition System [April 1, 2010]


Preliminary Elevator Pitch Competition 3.31.2010 [March 31, 2010]

Naval Engineering Alumna Receives Prestigious LRET Scholarship [March 31, 2010]

Dr. Suhada Jayasuriya from NSF visited Stevens and presented a seminar. [March 31, 2010]

Paul Winstanley: Advancements on the Horizon in Green IT [March 30, 2010]

Dr. Ning Gao's nanowire research featured on [March 24, 2010]

Prof. Yang's nanowire research featured on [March 24, 2010]

Stevens Hosts ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security March 22-24 [March 19, 2010]

Human Factors in Text Analytics: InStream Media [March 18, 2010]

CSR Year One Annual Report Released [March 17, 2010]

Perspectives on Ancient Greek Technology Lecture [March 15, 2010]

Students Place Fourth in Cyber Defense Competition [March 15, 2010]

Professor Stefan Strauf Publishes Two News & Views Articles in Nature Journals [March 12, 2010]

Student Team to Participate in NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge [March 11, 2010]

Dr. Philippos Mordohai Co-Authors Paper for Journal of Machine Learning Research [March 11, 2010]

Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III: A Long Term Freight Vision for Europe [March 11, 2010]

Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III Receives Distinguished Honor from ACOPNE [March 8, 2010]

Dr. David A. Vaccari Appears in Scientific American for Phosphorus Resources [March 8, 2010]

Wind Turbine Senior Design at Stevens [March 4, 2010]

Doctoral Candidates Bring Nano to Local High School [March 2, 2010]

Talmor Meir, Student Poster Presenter at DHS Network Summit [March 1, 2010]


Dr. Yingying Chen Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Award [February 26, 2010]

test [February 26, 2010]

Stevens Students are Finalists in CIMIT Competition [February 25, 2010]

Stevens Hydrogel Research Highlighted on ABC News [February 24, 2010]

Engineers Week at Stevens Celebrates Engineering’s Impact on Society [February 18, 2010]

Stevens and TNO to Collaborate on Maritime Security [February 17, 2010]

Dr. Alan Blumberg Featured on National Geographic February 18, 10PM [February 16, 2010]

Stevens Hydrogel Research Highlighted on ABC News [February 16, 2010]

Enterprise Development & Licensing Launches New Website - Implements Technogenesis II [February 11, 2010]

Computer Science and IT Graduates in High Demand [February 9, 2010]

Green Career Possibilities in Sustainable Engineering [February 3, 2010]


Stevens CS hosts Fourth Annual High School Computer Science Workshop [January 29, 2010]

Dr. Michael Bruno is Honored for Public Service [January 27, 2010]

Stevens Alumni Are Among the Most Highly Paid Professionals [January 19, 2010]

Dr. David Vaccari recognized as Educator of the Year by the ACEC-NJ [January 12, 2010]

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