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Dr. David A. Vaccari

Resume / Bio

Personal Webpage
Dr. David A. Vaccari
Professor and Department Director
Location:301 Rocco
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School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering
Program:  Environmental Engineering
Research & Education

Biological processes:

  • Control theory applied to the activated sludge process.
  • Modeling of compression in gravity thickening of sludge.
  • Nonlinear time-series analysis for system identification of secondary clarification.

Surface Water Quality:

  • Modeling of pathogens in surface water
  • Computing the Total Maximum Daily Load for streams

Resource Sustainability:

  • Forecasting of phosphorus production and consumption
  • Dynamic material flow analysis of resource usage

 System Modeling:

  • Nonlinear time-series analysis and correlation (Multivariate Polynomial Regression, or MPR).
  • Modeling and optimization of complex integrated systems, including integrated modeling of bioregenerative life support systems for long-term space travel.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

  • Ph.D. in Environmental Science (1984). Thesis: Modeling and Simulation of Compressive Gravity Thickening of Activated Sludge
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering (1983). Thesis: Mean Cell Residence Time in a Nonsteady-state Activated Sludge System
  • M.S. in Environmental Science (1979)
  • B.S. in Environmental Science (1974).
Achievements & Professional Societies
Professional Societies
  • Water Environment Federation (Technical Practice Committees for Wastewater Biology Manual of Practice and for Instrumentation and Control)
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers
  • Engineering Education Committee
  • Participation as Accreditation Visitor
  • American Water Works Association
  • Association of Environmental Engineering Professors
  • International Association of Water Quality (Specialist Group on Computing)
  • ABET Accreditation Visitor for Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Environmental Engineering
  • ABET Alternate Representative to the Technology Accreditation Commission
Honors & Awards
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, New Jersey, 1989
  • S-4 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator's License
    Stationary Engineer (High Pressure Boiler Operator's License)
  • International Assoc. on Water Quality USA National Committee Founders Award for outstanding paper in Water Research by an US author.
Selected Publications

  • Vaccari, D.A. and J. Levri.. (1999). "Multivariable Empirical Modeling of ALS Systems Using Polynomials", Life Support and Biosphere Science. 6 265-271.

  • Cacossa, K. and D.A. Vaccari.. (Jul 1994). "Prediction of Continuous Thickening from Batch Experiments", Water Science and Technology.

  • Cacossa, K. and D.A. Vaccari.. (1994). "Prediction of Continuous Thickening from A Single Batch Experiment", Water Science Technology. 30 (8), 107-116.

  • Christodoulatos, C., D.A. Vaccari.. (1993). "Correlations of Performance for Activated Sludge Using Multiple Regression with Autocorrelation", Water Research . 27 (1), 51-62.

  • Vaccari, D.A. and C. Christodoulatos.. (1992). "Generalized Multiple Regression with Interaction and Nonlinearity for System Identification in Biological Treatment Processes", Trans. Instr. Soc. Am.. 31 (1), 97-102.

  • Vaccari, D.A., and C. Christodoulatos.. (1989). "A Comparison of Several Control Algorithms for Activated Sludge Waste Rate", Wat. Sci. Tech. . 21 1249-1260.

  • Vaccari, D.A., A. Cooper, and C. Christodoulatos.. (1988). "Feedback Control of Activated Sludge Waste Rate", JWPCF . 60 (11), 1979-1985.

  • Vaccari, D.A., M. Kaouris.. (1988). "A Model for Irreversible Adsorption Hysteresis", J. Env. Sci and Health, Part A -- Env. Sci. and Engg. . 23 (8).

  • Vaccari, D.A., T. Fagedes, and J. Longtin.. (1985). "Mean Cell Residence Time in a Nonsteady-State Activated Sludge System", Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 27 695-703.

  •    Conference Proceedings

  • D. A. Vaccari. (Mar 24-26, 1996). "Nonlinear Analysis of Retail Performance", D.A. Vaccari, presented at the IEEE/IAFE Conf. on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering, New York, New York. .

  • D.A. Vaccari and E. Wojciechowski.. (Jun 25-28, 1995). "Predicting Process Performance with Polynomials", WEF Specialty Conf. "Automating to Improve Water Quality", Minn., MN. .


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