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Rainer Martini

Personal Webpage
Rainer Martini
Associate Professor and Department Director
Location:610 Burchard
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School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Physics and Engineering Physics
Program:  Nanotechnology / Microelectronics and Photonics Science and Technology / Physics
Research & Education
  • Ultrafast switching devices based on semiconductor and semiconductor heterostructures.
  • Ultrafast laser sources (100fs and below) and their application in spectroscopy, communication, material testing....
  • Generation, detection, and application of time-resolved terahertz (100 GHz - 5000 GHz) radiation.
  • Free Sapce Optical Communication using new wavelength (infrared) as well as ultrashort pulses
  • Infrared laser communication at ultrahigh speed
  • Infrared camera system using new alternate approaches
  • Take a look in my laboratory, the Ultrafast Laser and Communication Laboratory

    02/1995 – 06/1999: Ph.D. research on optically impulsive excited THz radiation and their application in the group of Prof. Dr. H. Kurz, RWTH Aachen

    07/1993 – 02/1995: Diploma research on mid-infrared laser systems in the heterodyne spectroscopy group of Prof. Dr. W. Urban, Institut fuer Angewandte Physik, Universitaet Bonn

    06/1989 – 07/1993: Study of physics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn

    Experience & Service
    General Information

    08/2008 - current: Associated Professor of Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), Director of the Ultrafast Laser and High-Speed Communication Laboratory, Deputy Director of the of the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, and Director of the Graduate Programs.

    08/2001 - 07/2007: Assistant Professor of Physics and Director of the Laboratory for Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Communication (Femtolab) 

    08/1999 – 08/2001: Research Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ and contractor at Bell Labs Innovations, Lucent Technology in Murray Hill, NJ.

    05/1999 – 07/1999: Coordinator and administrator in the “Center of Competence for lateral structuring in sub - 100nm regime (NanoClub)” at the Advanced Microelectronic Center Aachen (AMICA), AMO GmbH, Aachen, Germany.

    Institutional Service

    Actual Committee Memberships:

    • PEP Graduate Academic Standard & Curriculum Committee
    • Graduate Curriculum Committee (representing PEP department)
    • Patent Committee
    • Academic Resources and Planning Committee (Chair)
    • Technogenesis Committee
    • PhD-Program Committee
    • Member of the Kuali-Steering Committee
    • Member of the Planning Committee
    Professional Service
    • Founding member of the International Scientific Committee of the International Conference of Plasma Spectroscopy (IPS).
    • Reviewer of multiple journals and Grant organization

    Appointments after contact, preferable email me for an appointment

    Advisor for Undergarduate Students in Physics and Engineering Physics as well as several Graduate Studnts

    Actual PhD students in my group:

    • Seong-Wok Park
    • Dan Lewis
    • Barnet Schmidt
    • Chan Tiao
    • Chao Wang
    • Tao Yang

    recent PhD graduates from my group and their thesis topics:

    • Andersen Ichun Chen, "Thermal Imaging with Thermo-chromic liquid crystals" (2011)
    • Gang Chen,  (2010)
    • Hongtao Zhang, "A High-Speed, Portable, Multi-Function, Optical Fiber Weigh-In_Motion Sensing System" (2010)
    • Debing Zeng (2009)
    • Royce Warner James, "D-Alpha Emission as a Tool For Long Wanvelength Investigations of Fusion Tokamak Plasmas" (2009)
    • Lubna Tumeh, "Optical Investigations of a Flat Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge" (2008)
    • Paul Corrigan (2007)
    • Canan Karaagliouglu (2007)
    • Robert Murawski (2005)
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Member of the Technogenesis Committee since 2005
    • Hosted one to two Technogenesis / Scholar project each year
    • Founder of "Predator Vision" a startup company featuring new IR viewing technology
    • Member of the Patent Committee since 2001
    Achievements & Professional Societies
    Professional Societies

    Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) (German Physical Society)

    American Physical Society (APS)

    Optical Society of America (OSA)

    IEEE including LEOS, Communication Society and Microwave Society

    SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineers

    Honors & Awards
    • New Jersey Inventors Hall Of Fame Advancement of Innovation Award in 2011
    • Alexander Crombie Humphreys Distinguished Associate Professor Teaching Award in 2007
    • Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor Award of exceptional teaching ability in 2002
    Patents & Inventions

    Awarded Patents:

    • US Patent No. 8,013,305: Infrared Wavelength Converter For Imaging Devices Based On Quantum Well Devices

    • US Patent No. 8,010,187: Three Dimensional Impedance Imaging Device

    • US Patent No. 8,098,275: Three Dimensional Imaging System Using Optical Pulses, Non-Linear Optical Mixers and Holographic Calibration
    Selected Publications
    Book Chapters

  • R. Paiella, R. Martini, A. Soibel, H.C. Liu, and F. Capasso. (Dec 2005). "High-Speed Operation and Ultrafast Pulse Generation with Quantum Cascade Lasers", Intersubband Transitions, R. Paiella, McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0071457925.

  • R. Martini, E.A. Whittaker. (Sep 2006). "Longer-Wavelength free-space laser communications", Free-Space Laser Communications, Arun K. Majumadar and Jennifer C. Ricklin, Springer. ISBN: 0387286527.

  • R. Martini. (Mar 2005). "Free Space Optical Communications", Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Elsevier Science. ISBN-10: 0-12-227600-0. 403.

  • Books

  • R. Martini. (May 25, 1999). Verstärkung kohärenter THz-Emission aus impulsiv angeregten Halbleitern und Halbleiterheterostrukturen, Shaker Publications. ISBN: 3826560655.

  •    Journals

  • Chen, G., Martini, R.. (2011). "Quantum dots-based all-optical-readout middle-far-infrared imaging", IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 47 (3), 285.

  • Chen, G., Yang, T., Peng, C., Martini, R.. (2011). "Self-consistent approach for quantum cascade laser characteristic simulation", IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 47 (8), 1086.

  • Chen G, Martini R, Park S-, Bethea CG, Chen I-A, Grant PD, Dudek R, Liu HC.. (2010). "Optically induced fast wavelength modulation in a quantum cascade laser", Appl Phys Lett , 97 (1).

  • Zeng D, Benilov A, Bunin B, Martini R.. (2010). "Long-wavelength IR imaging system to scuba diver detection in three dimensions.", IEEE Sensors Journal, 10 (3), 760-764.

  • Chen G, Park S-, Chen I-A, Bethea CG, Martini R.. (2010). "Optical switching of a quantum cascade laser in continuous wave operation.", Chinese Physics Letters, 27 (1).

  • Chen G, Bethea CG, Martini R.. (2009). "Quantum cascade laser gain enhancement by front facet illumination", Optics Express, 17 (26), 24282-7.

  • Chen G, Bethea CG, Martini R, Grant PD, Dudek R, Liu HC.. (2009). "High-speed all-optical modulation of a standard quantum cascade laser by front facet illumination", Appl Phys Lett, 95 (10).

  • Oo MKK, Han Y, Martini R, Sukhishvili S, Du H.. (2009). "Forward-propagating surface-enhanced raman scattering and intensity distribution in photonic crystal fiber with immobilized ag nanoparticles", Optics Letters, 34 (7), 968-70.

  • M.K.K. Oo, Y. Han, R. Martini, S. Sukhishvili, H. Du. (2009). "Forward-propagating surface-enhanced Raman scattering and intensity distribution in photonic crystal fiber with immobilized Ag nanoparticles", Optics Express. (34), 968-970.

  • P. Corrigan, E.A. Whittaker, E.A. Whittaker, C. Bethea. (2009). "Quantum cascade lasers and the Kruse model in free space optical communication", Optics Express. (17), 4355-4359.

  • Chen I-A, Park S-, Karaalioglu C, Martini R, Meshal A. "High-efficiency silicon THz modulator using optically injected carriers", Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 2007, 2 (1), 96-100.

  • Martini R, Whittaker EA. "Quantum cascade laser-based free space optical communications", Journal of Optical and Fiber Communications Reports 2005, 2 (4), 279-92.

  • Hadjiloucas S, Galvão RKH, Becerra VM, Bowen JW, Martini R, Brucherseifer M, Pellemans HPM, Bolívar PH, Kurz H, Chamberlain JM.. "Comparison of subspace and ARX models of a waveguide's terahertz transient response after optimal wavelet filtering", IEEE Trans Microwave Theory Tech 2004, 52 (10), 2409-19.

  • Hadjiloucas S, Galvão RKH, Bowen JW, Martini R, Brucherseifer M, Pellemans HPM, Bolívar PH, Kurz H, Digby J, Parkhurst GM, Chamberlain JM.. "Measurement of propagation constant in waveguides with wideband coherent terahertz spectroscopy", J Opt Soc Am B 2003, 20 (2), 391-401.

  • Capasso F, Paiella R, Martini R, Colombelli R, Gmachl C, Myers TL, Taubman MS, Williams RM, Bethea CG, Unterrainer K, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Cho AY, Sergent AM, Liu HC, Whittaker EA. "Quantum cascade lasers: Ultrahigh-speed operation, optical wireless communication, narrow linewidth, and far-infrared emission", IEEE J Quant Electron 2002, 38 (6), 511-32.

  • Capasso F, Paiella R, Martini R, Colombelli R, Gmachl C, Myers TL, Taubman MS, Williams RM, Bethea CG, Unterrainer K, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Cho AY, Sergent AM, Liu HC, Whittaker EA. "Quantum cascade lasers: Ultrahigh-Speed operation, optical wireless communication, narrow linewidth, and far-infrared emission", IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 38 (6): 511-532 JUN 2002.

  • Gmachl C, Ng HM, Paiella R, Martini R, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Capasso F, Cho AY, Frolov SV, George Chu SN, Liu HC. "Recent results in quantum cascade lasers and intersubband transitions in GaN/AlGaN multiple quantum wells", Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 2002, 13 (2-4), 823-8.

  • Martini R, Bethea C, Capasso F, Gmachl C, Paiella R, Whittaker EA, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Baillargeon JN, Cho AY. "Free-space optical transmission of multimedia satellite data streams using mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers", ELECTRONICS LETTERS 38 (4): 181-183 FEB 14 2002.

  • Martini R, Paiella R, Gmachl C, Capasso F, Whittaker EA, Liu HC, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Baillargeon JN, Cho AY. "High-speed digital data transmission using mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers", ELECTRONICS LETTERS 37 (21): 1290-1292 OCT 11 2001.

  • Martini R, Gmachl C, Falciglia J, Curti FG, Bethea CG, Capasso F, Whittaker EA, Paiella R, Tredicucci A, Hutchinson AL, Sivco DL, Cho AY. "High-speed modulation and free-space optical audio/video transmission using quantum cascade lasers", ELECTRONICS LETTERS 37 (3): 191-193 FEB 1 2001.

  • Paiella R, Martini R, Capasso F, Gmachl C, Hwang HY, Sivco DL, Baillargeon JN, Cho AY, Whittaker EA, Liu HC. " High-frequency modulation without the relaxation oscillation resonance in quantum cascade lasers", APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 79 (16): 2526-2528 OCT 15 2001.

  • Martini R, Hilbk-Kortenbruck F, Wolter F, Bolivar PH, Kurz H. "Amplification of coherent THz radiation without inversion", IQEC, International Quantum Electronics Conference Proceedings 1999, 237-8.

  • Wolter F, Martini R, Tolk S, Haring Bolivar P, Kurz H, Hey R, Grahn HT. "Influence of carrier-carrier scattering on intraband dephasing. ", Superlattices and Microstructures 1999, 26 (2), 93-102.

  • Wolter F, Bartels G, Martini R, Haring Bolivar P, Roskos HG, Hey R, Grahn HT, Kurz H. "Intraband coherence after energy relaxation", Springer Series in Chemical Physics 1998, 63 263-5.

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  • Pfeifer T, Loffler T, Martini R, Roskos HG, Kurz H, Singer M, Biebl EM.. "Spatial mapping of the near-field radiation pattern of a 7-GHz planar resonator", Conference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting-LEOS 1996, 137-8.

  • Martini R, Klose G, Roskos HG, Kurz H, Grahn HT, Hey R. "Superradiant emission from Bloch oscillations in semiconductor superlattices ", PHYSICAL REVIEW B 54 (20): 14325-14328 NOV 15 1996.

  • Schaefer M, Martini R, Richter S, Petri M, Mürtz M, Urban W. "Experiments on linewidth reduction by fast electrical feedback", Infrared Physics and Technology 1996, 37 (1), 123-8.


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