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Svetlana A. Sukhishvili
Svetlana A. Sukhishvili
Professor, Chemistry; Co-Director, Nanotechnology Graduate Program
Location:301 McLean Building
NANO 600
CH 362
CH 671
CH 672
CH 673
NANO 672
Research & Education

June 1989: Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, Moscow State University, Russia
June 1984: B.S. in Polymer Science with award for excellence, Moscow State University, Russia



Physical chemistry of polymers, polymers and biopolymers at interfaces, surface spectroscopies, soft materials.

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Achievements & Professional Societies
Honors & Awards


NSF Special Creativity Award, 2012

Davis Award for Research Excellence, 2011

Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement, American Coatings Association, IN, April 2009

Fellow, American Physical Society, 2007- present

Research Recognition Award, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2004

SOROS International Science Foundation Research Award, 1994 – 1995

Featured in Chemical & Engineering News (newsletter of the American Chemical Society), August 31, p. 9, 1992

Excellence Fellowship (for top 5% of graduate students), Moscow State University, Russia, 1984 – 1989

Selected Publications

  • A. Zhuk, L. Xu, J.F. Ankner and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2013). "Selective Water Uptake within Micelle-Containing Layer-by-Layer Films of Various Architectures: a Neutron Reflectometry Study", Soft Matter. 9 410-417.

  • F. Tian, J. Kanka, S.A. Sukhishvili and H. Du. (2012). "Photonic Crystal Fiber for Layer-by-layer Assembly and Measurements of Polyelectrolyte Thin Films", Optics Letters. accepted.

  • S.V. Pavlukhina, J.B. Kaplan, L. Xu, W. Chang, X. Yu, S. Madhyastha, N. Yakandawala, A. Mentbayeva, B. Khan, and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Non-eluting Enzymatic Antibiofilm Coatings", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 4 4708-4716.

  • P. Pinkhasova, T. Chou, B. Puccio, S. Sukhishvili, H. Du. (2012). "Noble Metal Nanostructure as both SERS Nanotag and Analyte Probe", ChemComm. 48 9750-9752.

  • A. Mentbayeva, A. Ospanova, Zh. Tashmuhambetova, V. Sokolova, and S. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Polymer-Metal Complexes in Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films as Catalysts for Oxidation of Toluene", Langmuir. ASAP.

  • L. Xu, D. Pristinski, A. Zhuk, Ch. Stoddart, J. F. Ankner, and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Linear versus Exponential Growth of Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Correlation with Polyelectrolyte Complexes", Macromolecules. 45 3892-3901.

  • Zh. Zhu, E. Senses, P. Akcora and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Programmable Light-Controlled Shape Changes in Layered Polymer Nanocomposites", ACS Nano. 6 3152-3162.

  • Zh. Zhu and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Layer-by-layer Films of Stimuli-responsive Block Copolymer Micelles", J. Mater. Chem. 22 7667-7671.

  • P. Pinkhasova, L. Yang, Y. Zhang, S. Sukhishvili and H. Du. (2012). "Differential SERS Activity of Au and Ag Nanostructures Enabled by Adsorbed Poly(vinyl Pyrrolidone)", Langmuir. 28 2529-2535.

  • L. Xu, V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, J. Ankner and S. Sukhishvili. (2012). "Anisotropic Diffusion of Polyelectrolyte Chains within Multilayer Films", ACS Macro Letters. 1 127-130.

  • A. Zhuk, R. Mirza and S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Multiresponsive Clay-Containing Layer-by-Layer Films", ACS Nano. 5 8790-8799.

  • W.S. Tan, Zh. Zhu, S.A. Sukhishvili, M.F. Rubner, R.E. Cohen. (2011). "Temperature Swellable Micelle Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: The Effect of Block Copolymer Architecture", Macromolecules. 44 7767-7774.

  • L. Xu, J. Ankner and S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Steric Effects in Ionic Pairing and Polyelectrolyte Interdiffusion within Multilayered Films: A Neutron Reflectometry Study", Macromolecules. 44 6518-6524.

  • Y. Han, R. Lupitskyy, T.-M. Chou, Ch. M. Stafford, H. Du and S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Effect of oxidation on SERS activity of silver nanoparticles: a quantitative correlation", Analytical Chemistry. 83 5873-5880.

  • S. Pavlukhina and S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Polymer Assemblies for Controlled Delivery of Bioactive Molecules from Surfaces", Adv. Drug Del. Rev. 63 822-836.

  • I. Erel, Zh. Zhu, A. Zhuk, S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Hydrogen-Bonded Layer-by-Layer Films of Block Copolymer Micelles with pH-Responsive Cores", J. Coll. Int. Sci. 355 61-69.

  • L. Xu, Zh. Zhu and S. Sukhishvili. (2011). "Polyelectrolyte Multilayers of Diblock Copolymer Micelles with Temperature-Responsive Cores", Langmuir. (27), 409-415.

  • S. Pavlukhina, Y. Lu, A. Patimetha, M. Libera, S. Sukhishvili. "Polymer Multilayers with pH-Triggered Release of Antibacterial Agents", Biomacromolecules 2010, 11 3448-3456.

  • Y. Han, S. Tan, M. K. Kh. Oo, D. Pristinski, S. Sukhishvili, and H. Du. "Towards Full-Length Accumulative SERS-active Photonic Crystal Fiber", Advanced Materials 2010, 22 1-5.

  • L. Xu, Z. Zhu, O. Borisov, E. Zhulina and S. A. Sukhishvili. "pH-Triggered Block Copolymer Micelle-to-Micelle Phase Transition", Phys. Rev. Lett. 2009, 103 118301.

  • Zh. Zhu and S. A. Sukhihsvili. (2009). "Temperature-induced Swelling and Small Molecule Release with Hydrogen-Bonded Multilayers of Block Copolymer Micelles", ACS Nano , 3 3595-3605.

  • M. Erol, Y. Han, S. K. Stanley, C. M. Stafford, H. Du and S. Sukhishvili. (2009). "SERS Not To Be Taken for Granted in the Presence of Oxygen", J. Am. Chem. Soc, 131 7480-7481.

  • E. Kharlampieva, J. F. Ankner, M. Rubinstein and S.A. Sukhishvili. (2008). "pH-Induced Release of Polyanions from Multilayer Films", Phys. Rev. Letters , 100 128303.

  • E. Kharlampieva, V. Kozlovskaya, and S. A. Sukhishvili. (2009). "Layer-by-Layer Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer Films: From Fundamentals to Applications", Advanced Materials, 21 1-13.

  • I. Erel-Unal and S. A. Sukhishvili. (2008). "Hydrogen-bonded Multilayers of a Neutral Polymer and a Polyphenol", Macromolecules, 41 3962-3970.

  • V. Kozlovskaya and S. A. Sukhishvili. (2006). "Amphoteric Hydrogel Capsules: Multiple Encapsulation and Release Routes", Macromolecules , 39 6191-6199.

  • S.A. Sukhishvili, E. Kharlampieva and V. Izumrudov. (2006). "Where Polyelectrolyte Multilayers and Polyelectrolyte Complexes Meet", Macromolecules, 39 8873-8881.

  • V. Kozlovskaya, E. Kharlampieva, M. L. Mansfield and S. A. Sukhishvili. (2006). "Poly(methacrylic acid) Hydrogel Films and Capsules: Response to pH and Ionic Strength, and Encapsulation of Macromolecules", Chem. Materials , 18 328-336.


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