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Graduate Certificate


The NJAEE is developing and implementing a 9-credit graduate certificate program Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines. The coursework is customized for the GK-12 Fellows and available for high school teachers participating in the NJAEE GK-12 program. The certificate will also be available for all interested graduate students not directly funded by the NJAEE.

Requirements for the Teaching and Learning in STEM Disciplines graduate certificate include:

  • Satisfactory completion of three courses:
    • Innovations in Teaching (CURR 522) currently offered through Montclair State University
    • Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning (EDCO 803) currently offered through Montclair State University
    • The Communicating Engineering (E 5xx) course at Stevens

  • One semester practicum in a K-12 classroom

  • Development and delivery of a K-12 module on engineering research




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