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Seminars and Workshops

A series of  GK-12 related seminars have and will continue to be held at Stevens Institute of Technology.  Among these are:


* Communication Skills workshops have been developed and presented to the Fellows.  Materials include discussions of how to optimize written materials for grant support, how to formulate Power Points for maximum affect, and the attributes necessary for quality verbal communications in a presentation environment.


* Showcase 2010 was conducted with conjunction with Stevens' annual Research & Entrepreneurship Day. the showcase provided an opportunity for the GK-12 team (faculty & fellows) to speak about and demonstrate the multiple aspects of the GK-12 NJAEE program to representatives of over twenty(20) new Jersey school districts.


* A combined Research Overview and Laboratory Tour workshop has been developed and presented.  The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for all of the Fellows to present an overview of their research to high school students, their teachers and parents.  The workshop also includes a tour of the labs where the work is being done, and discussions with Professors, Fellows and Admissions personnel regarding STEM education and careers.


* A Technogenesis and Entrepreneurship workshop was prepared for, and presented to all of the program's present high school teachers and the Graduate Fellows. 


* Patent and License research seminar for all GK12 Graduate Fellows; objective is to provide an overview of the information needed to ascertain if/where relevant research is being conducted and to protect potential ownership of new innovations.


* Teaching Innovation workshop, the objective of which is to describe methods by which teachers can excite inquiry among STEM students.  The audience is GK12 Fellows and their assigned high school teachers.


* A Communicating Science workshop was conducted under the leadership of the University of California, Lawrence Hall of Science, the objective of which was to enhance the ability of Graduate Students and Teachers to transmit science and engineering concepts to high school students and individuals with a limited technology background.


* A workshop entitled "Improving Creative Thinking in the Classroom"; the objective will be to investigate the various ways that a teacher can excite unique science thinking among students.  Participants will include both the GK-12 Graduate Fellows and their cooperating high school team teachers.


* Web 2.0 Workshop (CIESE) to enhance an understanding of the process of the web for research and teaching.


* Teaching Engineering Workshop to be conducted by CIESE. Topics covered included how to integrate principles of engineering in the high school STEM classroom.



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