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Research on the Cusp of Technological Evolution

Nanotechnology refers to research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1-100 nanometer range. Nanotechnology represents the forefront of transformational research that will enable breakthrough and field-changing advancements in science and technology spanning a broad spectrum of engineering and science disciplines.  It will serve as a growth engine for R&D for decades to come, with market demand for professionals with advanced degree training relevant to nanotechnology fueled by the permeation of new discoveries and applications into diverse sectors of the economy, including health, electronics, transportation, the environment, and national security.

The goal of the Nanotechnology Graduate Program (NGP) is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that provides stimulating and cross-fertilizing educational training in nanotechnology to contribute to the Institute’s research excellence in related frontiers while preserving strong disciplinary fundamentals. The mission of the Program is to equip Stevens’ graduate students with the interdisciplinary intellectual capacity necessary to compete and excel in the ever expanding world of nanotechnology. NGP aims to provide students, via a common core course and a range of technical electives, with the following attributes:

  • The understanding of nanoscale phenomena and the familiarity with the techniques for characterization and measurements of structures and properties;
  • The knowledge for synthesis, processing, and manufacturing of nano structures, nanocomponents, as well as multiscale systems with nano building blocks for applications ranging from life sciences to engineering;
  • The ability to design, analyze and simulate nanostructures, nanocomponents, and nanodevices for various applications;
  • The ability to excel in an interdisciplinary environment, to critically/creatively think, and to seize and develop commercial opportunities in the fast-advancing nanotechnology field.