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Nanotechnology & Multiscale Systems Research

Nanotechnology Graduate Program

Dr. Chang-Hwan Choi

Dr. EH Yang

Dr. Frank T. Fisher

Dr. Kishore Pochiraju

Dr. Souran P. Manoochehri

Dr. Stefan Strauf

Dr. Yong Shi

MDL Overview

Director: Dr. E.H. Yang
Lab Manager:
Dr. Seongjin Jang

Stevens Institute of Technology is currently implementing an Institute-wide vision of developing a world-leading research and teaching thrust in the area of nanotechnology, and is committing a considerable amount of resources to develop the required faculty, equipment, laboratories, and curricular framework necessary to realize this goal. In particular, Stevens has embarked on an ambitious research program aimed at delivering the promise of nanotechnology towards enabling the enhanced-capability of next-generation nanodevices and systems. The development of Micro Device Laboratory (MDL) at Stevens Institute of Technology was initiated in support of the U.S. Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal.

The multi-user Micro Device Laboratory (MDL) is housed within an 800 square feet clean room at Stevens. The facility provides necessary micro/nanofabrication capabilities for faculties and students to explore emerging nanotechnologies that include: nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, micro/nano sensors and actuators, microchemical systems, nanoenergetics, and nanoscale energy harvesting. The following pieces of equipment will be available within the facility for the proposed project: A complete Lithography system including Mask Aligner (Karl Suss MA6), Spin Coater/Drier (STI), Solvent Bench (Clean Air Products), Wet Etch Bench (Clean Air Products), Laminar Hood, Hotplate System (Alpha Multiservices), Ovens (Alpha Multiservices), and Surface treatment (O2 plasma asher, UV cleaner). For nanoscale characterization, a Zyvex KZ100 nanomanipulator and a Pacific Nanotechnology atomic force microscope (AFM) are also available. In addition, a deep reactive ion etcher (DRIE) by BMR, a XeF2 etcher (Xactix), and a BRM ICP etcher as well as a new e-beam evaporator are also being installed along with other testing equipments such as a microscope and a Probe Station (Signatone).

After the initial investment by ARDEC for processing equipment and infrastructure, additional equipment has been being added via fedrral grants to provide a complete and comprehensive micro/nanofabrication facility, including:

  • NSF MRI: Nanomanipulator/SEM (awarded; PI Dr. Frank Fisher)
  • NSF MRI: ICP etcher (awarded; PI Dr. Yong  Shi)
  • ONR DURIP: PVD system and SEM (awarded; PI Dr. Chang-hwan Choi)
  • NSF MRI: NIL system (awarded; PI Dr. E. H.Yang)

MDL Equipment Overview