Brothers Spend Spring Break for a Greater Cause

Kappa Sigma Brothers Drew Capone, Matthew Linden, and Joseph Pinckney decided to take an alternative vacation during their spring break in March, choosing to serve the community of the Guatemala City Garbage Dump rather than a week on the beach. Brother Capone served as the leader of a group from Hoboken Grace Community Church which organized the trip. During the week the Brothers had the chance to learn about poverty in the community, develop relationships with Potter’s House Association which has been serving in the community for 27 years, while also building a cinder block home for a family. The Brothers were deeply impacted by the poverty in the community, where 11,000 people make $2-$5 a day scavenging for recyclables and bits of refuse they can sell at the nearby garbage dump.

The Brothers and the family they built a home for.

The brothers and the family they built a home for.