Windows XP and 2000 Map a Network Drive

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How to

Before you can access a Network Drive on Windows XP or 2000 it needs to be Mapped as a Local Drive. This means assigning it a Drive letter.
You'll need your Campus Domain Information as authentication.
After the Drive is mapped it will appear as a link under 'My Computer.'

Step 1 - Open Map Window

Right click My Computer and select Map Network Drive


Step 2 - Enter Share Name

Enter "\\storage01\sharename" in the folder box, where sharename is the drive you want to map to on Storage01
Example: "\\storage01\ms" - for Microsoft applications, "\\storage01\public", and "\\storage01\yourusername" for your personal storage space.


Step 3 - Specific Settings

Click on connect using a different username.

Step 4 - Enter Campus Domain Information

Fill in the Username: box with campus\ before your username, so if your username was jsmith you would type campus\jsmith.
Fill in the Password: box with your Stevens password.


Step 5 - Confirm Mapping

Click on OK and then click on Finish to complete mapping the network drive.

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