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|name=CSC Uniprint
|name=CSC Uniprint
|target=CSC MFP folder
|target=CSC MFP folder

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NOTE: These instructions apply to both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Installation and Printing Instructions

These instructions will guide you through the installation and use of the MFP printer in the PC Lab.

Acquiring CSC Uniprint

The media required to install CSC Uniprint can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\public
  • Folder: uniprint
  • Target: CSC MFP folder
NOTE: The public share is accessible to all staff/faculty, undergraduates and graduates.

Step 1 - Installing

Open CCMFPSQ.exe and click on Install to begin the installation.

MFP First Screen.jpg

This installation will install both the printer and the drivers for it, so your machine will automatically be able to find it over the network.

Click the finish button once the installation has finished. The MFP printer should now be ready for use.

MFP Finish.jpg

Step 2 - Printing

When printing your document, make sure "CC MFP SQ on ITSRV106" is selected as the printer.


When you click ok, you will be prompted by a window asking for your Stevens user name. Enter your pipeline user name and a password for the print job. This does NOT have to be the same as your pipeline password.

MFP Password.jpg

Hit print. Your job will then be sent to the MFP printer. For printing options and pricing, see the printing options and pricing page.

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