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Campus Domain Account Required

A Campus Domain Account is required to access some services on this page. To change or reset your password, use the Stevens Password Service.

Graduate students do not have campus domain accounts created automatically and MUST REQUEST ONE.
The request must be COMPLETED before any system can be accessed with the account.

  • Username: username or campus\username where username is your Stevens username.
  • Password: The default password varies depending on your role and entry date at Stevens.
  1. Faculty & Staff: Passwords are randomly generated, please contact the HelpDesk.
  2. Students who entered before February 2009: The default password is StevensYYMMDD where YYMMDD corresponds to your date of birth.
  3. Students who entered after February 2009: The default password is Stevens000000 where 000000 corresponds to the last 6 digits of your Campus Wide ID Number.
  • Domain: If prompted for a Logon Domain, CAMPUS should be entered.

This page contains instructions for configuring wireless 802.1x networking using Windows Vista. Instructions for other operating systems can be found the 802.1x page.


Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Enabling Your Wireless

Turn on your wireless adapter, there may be a physical button on your computer if you are using a laptop.

Step 2 - Wireless Networks

Go to the Start Menu and click on Connect To. You should see the following screen

Step 3 - Selecting Your Network

Double-Click on your desired wireless network. The currently available network names are as follows:

  • Stevens Student: Use this Wireless Network if you are a Stevens Student, both undergraduate and graduate.
  • Stevens: Use this Network if you are a Faculty or Staff member.

Step 4 - Select Additional Log-on Information

On the above screen, select "Enter/select additional log on information". The following screen should pop up

Step 5 - Enter Your Credentials

Enter your Stevens username in the box labeled User Name, your campus domain password(StevensYYMMDD by default) in the field labeled Password and CAMPUS in the Domain Field. Click OK and you should now be connected to the wireless via 802.1x

Step 6 - Prevent Automatic Connection to Stevens Guest

By default, Windows Vista will attempt to wireless networks that it hears being broadcast, but that you might not neccessarily want to connect to at that time, or ever. You may notice that when connected to Stevens or Stevens Student networks, your Windows machine makes the decision to switch networks and connect to Stevens Guest. If you want to prevent Windows from automatically connecting to Stevens Guest you can follow these directions. Note that you still will be able to connect to Stevens Guest in the future, you will just have to manually initiate the connection by choosing to connect to that network.

Select Properties for Stevens Guest

Go to the Start Menu and click on Connect To. You should see the following screen. Right click on Stevens Guest and select properties.

Uncheck connect automatically

Click on the Connection tab and uncheck the checkbox next to Connect automatically when this network is in range.

Removing Cached Credentials

Windows Vista's Wireless Configuration automatically stores in the registry the username and password entered when connecting to a wireless network. If a machine is being used by multiple people, it is recommended that the user delete their credentials from the computer when they are done using it. To remove cached credentials follow this link Removing Cached 802.1x Credentials

Removing Connection Profiles

In order to remove an old or unwanted network, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Start pearl in the bottom left corner of your screen, then click Control Panel.
  2. Click the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click Manage Wireless Networks in the upper left.
  4. Select a network and press Remove. You will be prompted to confirm the change, if you're sure you'd like to remove it, press Yes.

Changing the WPA2 authentication

Changes to the Wireless authentication at Stevens have been made to only accept WPA2/AES authentication. Please right click on your connection icon in the system tray and open "Connect to a Network". In the window that appears, right click on your representative network, "Stevens" for faculty/staff, and "Stevens Student" for students and select Properties, as seen below.

In the next window that appears, ensure that your options reflect those that are seen below.

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