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While not available by default, Windows Vista is capable of connecting to the wired Stevens Network via 802.1x. Instructions for wireless and other operating systems can be found on the 802.1x page.

Installation Instructions

Windows Vista seems to install with an important service not running. This service is needed for your 802.1x Wired card to connect to the Stevens Network, the following steps describe how to enable this service if you are having troubles connecting to the wired network

Step 1 - Control Panel

To setup 802.1x wired with PEAP, click on the Start Menu then click on Control Panel This will bring you to the windows control panel

Step 2 - System and Maintenance

Click on System and Maintenance

Step 1-Classic View-1.jpg

Step 3 - Administrative Tools

Double-click Administrative Tools


Step 4 - Services

Scroll down in the list until you see the Services option, double click on it.

Step 3-Administrative Tools-1.jpg

Step 5 - Wired AutoConfig

Right click Wired AutoConfig and click on Properties.

Step 4-Wired Auto-Config-1.jpg

Step 6 - Automatic Startup

Change the option in the drop-down box labeled Startup type to Automatic. Click on Apply then Ok to close out this window.

Step 5-Automatic.jpg

Step 7 - Restart

Restart your computer and the 802.1x Wired is now properly configured

Step 8 - Credentials

When prompted, enter your pipeline user name in the box labeled User Name, your campus domain password(StevensYYMMDD by default) in the field labeled Password and CAMPUS in the Domain Field. Click OK and you should now be connected to the wired via 802.1x


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