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New computer security vulnerabilities are announced regularly in the media. To help protect your computer from malicious users and programs, students (and other users who manage their own Windows computers) are strongly encouraged to use “Windows Update” to help keep their software current and more secure.

Windows Update is a feature included with all versions of Windows starting with Windows 98. Using Windows Update regularly will update Windows with newly released fixes known as “patches, service packs, and updates”.

There are two different ways to do this, either from within Windows, or from within Internet Explorer. This process varies between what versions of Windows and Internet Explorer you have


Internet Explorer

The process varies slightly between versions of Internet Explorer you have. There is a sample screen shot of each version below so you can determine which version you have:

Internet Explorer 9

Here is a picture of Internet Explorer 9:

If you need to confirm this, click the Gear icon on the top right of the window (or press Alt+X) and select About Internet Explorer to find the version number.

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Here is a picture of the general look of Internet Explorer version 7 and 8:

If your Internet Explorer looks like this, please click ? icon in the upper right. From the list that appears, select About Internet Explorer

This window should inform you about which version of Internet Explorer you have. Please refer to the appropriate article below.

Internet Explorer 6

Here is a picture of Internet Explorer version 6 (this section also applies to all previous versions of Internet Explorer):

If you have this version, please visit Windows Update on Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows

The process varies slightly between versions of windows explorer you have. Click on the version of Windows you have for information on how to configure it.

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