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Your access method is very similar to those with Windows XP or 2000. However, some different steps are required so your computer can find the storage01 server and to set permissions on your public_html directory if you want to create a web site. Follow the steps below:

  1. You must log into Windows 98 with a username that exactly matches your Pipeline username. Otherwise, these steps will not work.
  2. The server called storage01 is located in a Windows domain called Campus. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network. Select the Identification tab. Change the name of your Workgroup to Campus. You will see a message that your computer is updating some information. Reboot your computer when prompted.
  3. Using Windows Explorer's menu, Tools, select Map Network Drive. Enter the path \\storage01\username where username is your Windows Campus Domain username. (This is the same as your Pipeline username.) Enter your Windows Campus Domain password. You should now have a connection to storage01. You should be able to see storage01 and your directory in Windows Explorer.
  4. To recreate a directory for your web pages, make a folder called public_html You may now copy html files into it.

NOTE: Your files will not be viewable on the web until you set the permissions on your public_html file. You cannot do this on Windows 98 due to limitations of Windows 98. The workaround given below will solve the problem.

Windows 98 Users: Required One-time Workaround for Web Page Set-up

The following instructions are not needed unless you accidentally deleted your public_html directory or changed the permissions on your directory. If you want to make a web page and your computer is running Windows 98, there is one more set of instructions. You only need to do the following procedure once, after which you can use your Win 98 computer for accessing your web pages on storage01.

  1. Find a computer running Windows XP or Windows 2000. (E.g., ask to use a friend or colleague's computer, or use one in a computer lab on campus.)
  2. Connect to your own directory on storage01 by mapping to it. Do this by following the Windows XP instructions. Remember to disable Simple File Sharing on the Windows XP computer, if it is enabled.
  3. Follow the instructions given to recreate public_html.
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