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===Stevens Provided Notebook Image===
===Stevens Provided Notebook Image===
The Stevens Helpdesk is currently developing an image (snapshot) using the Windows 7 Operating System for the [[Class 2013 Compaq 8530w Notebook|class of 2013]], using the EliteBook 8530w Notebook.
The Stevens Helpdesk currently has an image (snapshot) using the Windows 7 Operating System for the below Stevens distributed laptops:
* [[Class 2013 Compaq 8530w Notebook]]
* [[Class 2012 Compaq 8510w Notebook]]
* [[Class 2011 Compaq 8510w Notebook]]
Images for the Compaq 8510w ([[Class 2012 Compaq 8510w Notebook|class of 2012]] and [[Class 2011 Compaq 8510w Notebook|2011]]) will be developed as soon as the image for the 8530w is completed.
To upgrade one of the above laptops, please check it in to the [[Computer Service Center]] during their hours of operation.
===MSDN AA===
===MSDN AA===

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What is Windows 7

"Windows 7" was released officially on October 22nd. It is the latest desktop Operating System released by Microsoft as of the Fall of 2009.

For information about Windows 7 please see Microsoft's website.

How can I get Windows 7

Stevens Provided Notebook Image

The Stevens Helpdesk currently has an image (snapshot) using the Windows 7 Operating System for the below Stevens distributed laptops:

To upgrade one of the above laptops, please check it in to the Computer Service Center during their hours of operation.


Stevens Institute of Technology is a member of the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDN AA). Undergraduate students, faculty, and staff have the ability to request an MSDN AA account through the Stevens Helpdesk Ticking System. Windows 7 Professional (32bit and 64bit) is available via an MSDN AA account.

The MSDN website will provide a download for the DVD image of the Windows 7 installer and an installation key. This means, if you plan to obtain Windows 7 from the MSDN website you will need a blank DVD-R to burn the downloaded Windows 7 DVD image.

You will then need the burned disk in the DVD drive. The Windows 7 installer application should launch and guide you though the installation.

WARNING: Installing Windows 7 from the MSDN AA will require you to re-install all of your programs. Keep in mind that many applications are still not officially supported by Windows 7. It is recommended to check any application manufacture websites to verify compatibility.

Common Problems with Windows 7 on Campus

Connecting to Wired Network

Connecting to the wired network in public locations typically requires 802.1x authentication. Unfortunately, the service which provides 802.1x functionality for wired connections is turned off by default. To enable the service, open the start menu and type "Services" in the search box and open the first Program named 'Services'. (Alternatively the Services program can be opened from the Control Panel by finding the icon within Administrative Services.)

The Services window should list all started/stopped services on the machine. Navigate to the bottom of the list and find "Wired Autoconfig". Double click to open the properties for the service. Change the startup type to 'Automatic' and hit the start button.

If you have a wire plugged into the Campus network (on an active port) and you start the service, a dialog button in the bottom-right side of the screen should appear. Clicking within this window should open a dialog-prompt asking for your Campus Domain Account credentials.

Hitting Terminate instead of Connect

When connecting to a Campus network, the computer will be asked to trust a certificate from Campus. The Windows 7 implementation requires the user to click Connect when prompted.
NOTE: If the user clicks Terminate, the following steps must be taken to retry the connection.

  1. Click the Start icon and press Control Panel
  2. Under Network and Internet, click View Network Status and Tasks
  3. On the left, click on Manage Wireless Networks
  4. Right click the network you were trying to connect to (Stevens Student for students or Stevens for staff/faculty) and select Remove Network
  5. At this point, please follow the directions for connecting to the Stevens Wireless Network available here.

No Prompt for Certificate Connect/Terminate

If you are continually asked for credentials you may need to reinstall the Verisign certificate.

  1. Download the Verisign Certificate: Link
  2. Double-Click and hit "Install Certificate..."
  3. Hit "Next", "Next", and "Finish"
  4. Connect to the respective wireless network again
  5. Be sure to hit "Connect" when prompted (after entering your Campus Domain credentials)
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