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Campus Domain Account Required

A Campus Domain Account is required to access some services on this page. To change or reset your password, use the Stevens Password Service.

Graduate students do not have campus domain accounts created automatically and MUST REQUEST ONE.
The request must be COMPLETED before any system can be accessed with the account.

  • Username: username or campus\username where username is your Stevens username.
  • Password: The default password varies depending on your role and entry date at Stevens.
  1. Faculty & Staff: Passwords are randomly generated, please contact the HelpDesk.
  2. Students who entered before February 2009: The default password is StevensYYMMDD where YYMMDD corresponds to your date of birth.
  3. Students who entered after February 2009: The default password is Stevens000000 where 000000 corresponds to the last 6 digits of your Campus Wide ID Number.
  • Domain: If prompted for a Logon Domain, CAMPUS should be entered.

Though Windows 7 has support for wired 802.1x it is not enabled by default. Enabling the service and connecting to the Stevens Network are documented on this page.


Step 1 - Enable Wired AutoConfig

1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run window

2. In the Run window, enter services.msc and click

3. Find Wired AutoConfig and right click on the service and select properties.

4. Under the Startup type dropdown menu select Automatic.

5. Restart your computer

Step 2 - Configure Credentials

1. On the start menu click on Network, then select Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click Change Adapter Settings on the left hand side.

3. Right click on Local Area Connection then click Properties.

4. On the Authentication tab select Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication and in the drop down menu select Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP).

5. Click Additional Settings.

6. Ensure that the Authentication mode selected is either User or Computer Authentication or User Authentication.

7. Click Settings and ensure the dropdown says Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

8. Click Configure and uncheck the checkbox.

9. Plug your ethernet cable in and enter in your Stevens username and Campus Domain password.

10. If this window appears click Connect.

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