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Web For Students is used for administrative tasks by Students

Web For Faculty is used for administrative tasks by Faculty

Enrollment Services "Web for Students" is an important service for Stevens students. You can view your grades, see your financial status, register for courses, and much more.


Web For Students

Student Uses

  1. Register
  2. Sign up for classes
  3. Check grades
  4. Pay tuition/bills
  5. Obtain Parking permits
  6. Obtain network Storage Space on Storage01 (Campus Domain Account)
  7. Misc other uses

Username/Campus Wide ID

Your Campus-Wide ID is required to login to Web For Students. This is your Campus-Wide ID. Refer to that page for more information on obtaining it.


Unless you applied online and chose your own PIN, by default your initial PIN (Personal Identification Number) is your birthday in YYMMDD format. For example, a birthday of August 4, 1981 would generate a pin of 810804. Do not, under any circumstances, write down your PIN number or give it out freely to others.

If you have forgotten your PIN, please go to https://itweb1.stevens-tech.edu/pinrequest .

There, you will be prompted to enter your Student ID number. You will be given the option to have your PIN sent to either your Stevens e-mail address, personal e-mail address, or both. Note: Your personal e-mail address would be whatever e-mail address you gave Stevens upon enrolling.

Changing your Web for Students PIN

  1. Log onto "Web for Students" at: http://www.stevens.edu/es/student
  2. Select "Change Pin" from the Main Menu (underneath the "Personal Information" header).
  3. To change your PIN, enter your old PIN and then enter your new PIN in the "Verification" field. Remember, your PIN must be NUMERIC and 6 digits long.
  4. After processing your request, you will be required to log back in with your new PIN.
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