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Web For Faculty

Faculty Uses

  1. Post Grades
  2. Email students in class
  3. Misc other uses

Username/Campus Wide ID

Your Campus-Wide ID is required to login to Web For Faculty. This is your Campus-Wide ID. Refer to that page for more information on obtaining it.


The initial PIN is a random numeric. If you lost or never received your PIN: please contact the Help Desk by email helpdesk@stevens.edu, or by phone 201-216-5500.

Changing your Web for Faculty PIN

  1. Log onto "Web for Faculty" at: http://www.stevens.edu/es/faculty
  2. Select "Change Pin" from the Main Menu (underneath the "Personal Information" header).
  3. To change your PIN, enter your old PIN and then enter your new PIN in the "Verification" field. Remember, your PIN must be NUMERIC and 6 digits long.
  4. After processing your request, you will be required to log back in with your new PIN.

Access via Pipeline

Web for Faculty may also be accessed by logging into Pipeline at: http://www.stevens.edu/pipeline Once logged in, navigate to "School Services" -> "Academic Services" -> "Web Self Services" -> "Faculty". You will not need to enter your ID# and PIN. You will be directly connected to "Web for Faculty".

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