WebSync on Windows XP and 2000

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These instructions have been adapted from the instructions provided within the Stevens Webmail client at https://webmail.stevens.edu/atmail/parse.php?file=html/english/help/sync.html.



Step 1: Download the WebSync Client

First, download the WebMail-sync installation utility for Outlook 2000, 2003 or 2007 at http://atmail.com/websync/websync-561.exe.

Step 2: Install the WebSync Software

After downloading, run the webmail-sync installation utility and install the software on your computer. After installation, restart Outlook and the new plugin will be automatically installed.

Step 3: Configure and Enter you Account Information

From within Outlook navigate to the tools menu and click Options.

Now open the WebSync configuration by clicking the WebSync tab.

Save all changes, then exit the accounts options window.

Step 4: Synchronize with Webmail

After enabling Mail-syncing (see above), you should see a macro button labeled "WebMail Sync" on your toolbar:

Click on the button, and Outlook will sync with your WebMail account automatically.

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