VPN on Mac OS X (Leopard) with Split Tunneling

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Who can use this?

You must have a Windows Campus domain login to use the VPN server.

All Staff, faculty and undergraduates students have a Windows Campus domain accountautomatically created. At this time, graduate students must request an account be created. Please refer to the Campus Domain Account page for instruction on how to automatically request an account.

Configuration Instructions

Step 1: Open Network Preferences

VPN Leopard ST 01.jpg

Step 2: Select to Add a New Connection

  • Click on the + sign on the bottom left of the window
  • When the window pops up, select:
    • Interface: VPN
    • VPN Type: L2TP over IPSec
    • Service Name: Stevens VPN Split Tunnel
  • Click Create

VPN Leopard ST 02.jpg

Step 3: Configure the Connection

  • Enter in the following information:
    • Configuration: Default
    • Server Address: vpn.stevens.edu
    • Account Name: Your Campus Domain Account Name
  • Click on Authentication Settings...

VPN Leopard ST 03.jpg

  • In the box that comes up, enter:
    • Password: Your Campus Domain Password
    • Shared Secret: SITvpn
  • Click on Ok and then Apply and then click Connect

VPN Leopard AT 04.jpg

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