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This article is Deprecated and may no longer apply to currently supported systems.

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Forwarding your Stevens email to Gmail and sending email using Gmail as if it were being sent from Stevens

This documentation will cover setting up forwarding such that all email sent to your Stevens account will be forwarded to your Gmail account. Also covered will be configuring your Gmail account to send email to look like it is coming from your Stevens account. This is useful as many Stevens users have filters that puts email sent from Stevens addresses into separate folders (and higher priority) than email sent from off-campus accounts. People receiving email sent in this fashion will see it as coming from your Stevens account. The only way they will even be able to tell if it comes from Gmail is by looking at the email headers.



Step 1 - Open Pipline's Email Settings


  • Click on e-mail.


  • Click on Options.


Step 2 - Set Pipeline to Auto Forward

  • Click on Auto Forward.


  • Type in your Gmail account email address.


  • Click OK and log out.

Step 3 - Open Gmail's Settings

  • Log into Gmail.


  • Click on Settings.


Step 4 - Add another Account to Gmail

  • Click on Accounts and then Add Another Email Address.


  • Enter in your Stevens Email address and click Next Step and then Send Verification.


Step 5 - Test Run

  • Close the window and go to the Inbox of your Gmail account.
  • Since we set up forwarding in advance, the confirmation email sent to your Stevens account will be sent straight to your Gmail account. Open this email and confirm that this is your email address.
  • Compose a new email. Notice that in the Sender field, you can select either your Gmail account or your Stevens account to send from.


Note: When replying to messages, you will have to click the link labeled "Change Sender" to select a different sender.


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