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Forwarding your Stevens email to a personal Gmail account, and sending email from your personal Gmail account through the Stevens outgoing server

This documentation will cover setting up forwarding such that all email sent to your Stevens account will be forwarded to your personal Gmail account. This is in contrast to Enabling Stevens Google Gmail (students only), which does not forward to a pre-existing personal account. Also covered will be configuring your personal Gmail account to send email that is actually sent through the Stevens mail server. This is useful as many Stevens users filter email sent from Stevens addresses into separate folders (and higher priority) than email sent from off-campus accounts. People receiving email sent in this fashion will see it as coming from your Stevens account. The only way they will even know it was sent through Gmail is by carefully looking at the mail headers which are normally hidden.



Set up Email Forwarding

Please follow the guide for How To Forward Your Email To Another Account.

Configure Gmail Settings

1. Log into Gmail.

2. Click on Settings, then select the Account and Import tab.

3. Under Send mail as:, click on Send mail from another address.

4. Enter your name in the Name field, and your Stevens email address in the email address field, then click Next Step.

5. Click on Send through SMTP servers and fill out the information below, then click Add Account.

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Username: Your Stevens Username
  • Password: Your Email Password
  • Always use a secure connection: Checked

6. Gmail will now send a confirmation e-mail to your Stevens address. Retrieve the email from your Stevens Email box.

7. Once confirmed, you will be able to set the default Send mail as address.

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