Troubleshooting Mac OS X Snow Leopard 802.1x

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Campus Domain Account Required

A Campus Domain Account is required to access some services on this page. To change or reset your password, use the Stevens Password Service.

Graduate students do not have campus domain accounts created automatically and MUST REQUEST ONE.
The request must be COMPLETED before any system can be accessed with the account.

  • Username: username or campus\username where username is your Stevens username.
  • Password: The default password varies depending on your role and entry date at Stevens.
  1. Faculty & Staff: Passwords are randomly generated, please contact the HelpDesk.
  2. Students who entered before February 2009: The default password is StevensYYMMDD where YYMMDD corresponds to your date of birth.
  3. Students who entered after February 2009: The default password is Stevens000000 where 000000 corresponds to the last 6 digits of your Campus Wide ID Number.
  • Domain: If prompted for a Logon Domain, CAMPUS should be entered.


Who can use this?

You must have a campus domain account in order to connect to the Stevens wireless network.

Campus Domain Accounts for Graduate Students

Graduate students do not have Campus Domain Accounts created automatically and MUST REQUEST ONE.
The request must be COMPLETED before any system can be accessed with the account.

Only graduate students who are currently enrolled in a course are eligible for a campus domain account.

Troubleshooting and Repairing Wireless 802.1x in OS X Snow Leopard

Step 1: Open Network Preferences

Open your Network Preferences and make sure that you are disconnected from any wireless network that you may be connected to.

Step 2: Find Utilities

In your Applications folder, locate the Utilities folder.

Step 3: Find Keychain Access

In the Utilities folder, locate Keychain Access.

Step 4: Delete the cached password

In Keychain Assistant, locate and delete the item titled WPA: Stevens Student.

Step 5: Quit Keychain Access

You can now quit Keychain Access.

Step 6: Go into Advanced Settings

Open your network preferences and select the Advanced button located in the bottom right corner.

Step 7: Check the TCP/IP settings

Under the TCP/IP tab, make sure that where it says Configure IPv4 you have selected Using DHCP. Also, make sure that where it says Configure IPv6 you have selected Automatically.

Step 8: Delete your old Wireless Profile

Click on the 802.1x tab. Select the WPA: Stevens Student profile that is listed under User Profiles. Delete this profile by selecting the - sign located at the bottom of the User Profile list.

Step 9: Add a new Wireless Profile

Select the + sign and select Add User Profile.

Step 10: Configure the new Wireless Profile

  • Title the profile WPA2: Stevens Student.
  • In the User Name feild, type in you stevens username.
    • Note that your username should be a max of 8 charecters and should not be confused with your Stevens email address, which is in the form
  • In the password field, enter your Campus Domain Password. It is imperative that you enter the correct password.
  • In the Authentication list, make sure you select LEAP and PEAP.
    • By default TTLS is selected. Make sure TTLS is unselected.
  • Select Stevens Student from the Wireless Network drop down menu.
    • Please note that in order for you to select Stevens Student, you will need to have your airport status powered on and you must be in range of the wireless network Stevens Student.
  • Make sure tht WPA2 Enterprise is selected from the Security Type drop down menu.

Step 11: Accept

Click OK and then Apply

Step 12: Connect

Next to where it says 802.1X: WPA2: Stevens Student, select Connect.

Step 13: In case you still can not connect

If you have followed all of the instructions correctly, you should be able to connect to the wireless Stevens Student network. If you are still ubable to connect, you should contact the help desk.

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