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Notice: username referes to your Stevens Username.


  • You can use storage01 for storing files, or making a personal website.
  • You can access your 250 MB of storage space by Mapping A Network Drive to \\storage01\username
  • To make a file accessible on the web, put it in the public_html folder.

Restore Points

Your personal Storage01 space creates a restore point every 4 hours. If you lose any files that you are storing on your personal storage01 space you can roll back to a previous restore point.

Restore Previous Version using Windows 7

1. go to the Start menu

2. Open My Computer from the start menu

3. Right click on username (\\storage01)(Z:). where 'Z' will be the letter chosen to reprisent that drive.

3a. The storage01 drive may be disconnected in which case follow this subset of instructions to reconnect.
3b. Right click on the username (\\storage01)(Z:) drive and click Connect.
3c. Log in using your Stevens Credentials and click OK.
3d. Click the back arrow to return to the previous directory. username (\\storage01)(Z:) should now be connected and able to proceed to the next step.

4. From the dropdown menu select Restore Previous Verions.

5. Select the backup created at the time you wish to revert to and click Restore. (*NOTE: doing so will erase all changes made to your Storage01 files since that time)

6. Click the Restore button.

7. Click OK.

Your files have now been reverted to their state at the selected time period.

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