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Academic/Administrative Departments and Student Organizations may request web space by completing the Web Space Request Form located at:

Once the completed form has been received by the Information Technology Helpdesk, the web group will be created and the requester will be notified.

Web group space is for active content. Please maintain your group's web pages so the information is current. As a member of a web group, you will connect to the web group's directory in a slightly different way than to your individual directory on storage01. However, you will still use your own Stevens username and password.

The URL of your group's website will be where groupname is the name of your web group. E.g, for a web group named w3consult, the URL is

Web groups are also hosted on the server called storage01. You can access the group's web space by Mapping A Network Drive to your group;s folder name: \\storage01\w3groupname$. (Substitute your web group's name for the group name.)

Be sure to include the dollar sign after the group name. Your username and password will be your Campus Domain username and password. You may copy files from your computer using Windows Copy.

  • There is no FTP access to web group directories. You must map the drive.
  • Do not create a public_html directory. The web group directory is ready to use.
  • If the group is for streaming media, see our instructions on How to write Streaming URLs.
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