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* fully qualified domain name: ''''''
* fully qualified domain name: ''''''
* ip address: ''''''
* ip address: ''''''

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Storage01 is the campus file server, providing a central location for Stevens users to store their files. This machine contains all user websites and web group files.


  • 250Mb of storage space allotted to each undergraduate student.
  • Accessible on campus by Mapping A Network Drive, or off-campus by FTP or VPN
  • Contains licensed software available to members of the Stevens Community
  • Host a personal website*
  • Backup files*

Note: Learn more about Web Space On Storage01.

Available Drives

Undergraduate Students, Faculty, Staff

Graduate Students

If you would like to request personal web space:

  1. Log on to web for students.
  2. Find the Student Records Tab
  3. Click the link labeled: Graduate Student Network Disk Storage Request.

How to Use


You can refer to storage01 as the following names (for instance when mapping a network drive):

  • network name: storage01
  • fully qualified domain name:
  • ip address:
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