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Stevens has licensed software for the entire campus community or, subsets of employees and students. Software may only be downloaded and used in accordance with the license agreement that Stevens has with the licensee and the Stevens Acceptable Use Policy. Software that can be used for educational, institutional business, and sponsored research is in the “public” directory. Public means public to authorized users of the campus network. The software in the ”ms” may not be used by graduate students. Solidworks requires authentication with a license server and restricted to students and faculty enrolled in or teaching engineering courses and the use is restricted to educational and instructional, not research purposes.

This page is to clarify which applications are available to you. (Last updated 3/4/2014)


Share Drives Available

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Faculty & Employees

For instructions on how to access these drives please see Mapping A Network Drive.

Licensed Software List



  • Aspen
  • Solidworks 2013
  • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • Bioinformatics toolbox
    • Control system toolbox
    • Curve fitting toolbox
    • Data acquisition toolbox
    • Signal processing blockset
    • Image processing toolbox
    • Instrument control toolbox
    • Optimization toolbox
    • Signal processing toolbox
    • SimMechanics
    • Stateflow
    • Statistics toolbox
    • Simscape
    • Neural Network Toolbox
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