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Stevens Institute of Technology is a technological university located on a 55 acre (223,000 m²) campus in Hoboken, New Jersey, founded in 1870 on the basis of an 1868 bequest from Edwin A. Stevens.

Stevens is known for its rigorous engineering, science, and technological management curricula. Among the prominent research centers of Stevens is the Davidson Laboratory, Wireless Network Security Center, Keck Geotechnical Laboratory, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Nicoll Environmental Laboratory, Electron Microscopy Laboratory, and Center for Mass Spectrometry.

Stevens is the fourth-oldest technological university in the United States, and has produced leading engineers, scientists, and managers in industry and government.

Stevens Institute is built on Castle Point, the highpoint of Hoboken. On the side of Stevens Institute is historic Sybil's Cave and below and to the east of the university is Frank Sinatra Park, Castle Point Park, and Castle Point Skate Park. The tallest building in the institute is the Wesley J. Howe Center.

The current president of Stevens Institute of Technology is Harold J. Raveché.

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