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Originally, your Stevens ID number was just your Social Security Number. We have phased out the usage of your SSN, and have instituted a new ID number, referred to as the Campus-Wide ID (CWID).

When you become a member of the Stevens community, you will be assigned a Stevens ID Number. You will generally be sent this number in the mail. If you can not find the letter, or have forgotten your CWID number, please use either of the below methods to find it:

  • Log into myStevens and click Show my CWID on the left hand side.
    • If you have forgotten your log in credentials, please use the Forgot my password link on the left hand side.
  • Contact the Student Service Center


Support for your SSN is provided solely for legacy purposes. We strongly encourage you to discontinue use of your SSN and make an effort to use your CWID/Stevens ID Number whenever needed.

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