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Stevens Guest Wireless Network

The "Stevens Guest" wireless network allows guests of Stevens Students, Faculty and Staff to establish a network connection while visiting the campus. After you establish a connection, your Stevens host will be required to enter their Campus Domain credentials at the local login page when you open your web browser. Once connected, the session will be good for 12 hours before you are prompted to re-enter your host's credentials.

Alternatively, guests of Faculty and Staff can login using a temporary account that can be created for them. Your host Faculty or Staff member will need to follow the instructions on our Stevens Guest account registration page to create a temporary account for you. When you login using this account, the network access will be good for 72 hours.

A single guest account may be created for guests attending a seminar or conference on-campus. If a conference or seminar guest account is required, contact the Help Desk at or 201-216-5500.

Note that "Peer to Peer" and gaming applications are blocked from reaching the Internet. Also, the "Stevens Guest" network DOES NOT require 802.1x security settings.

Please select your operating system for instructions on how to connect to the "Stevens Guest" wireless network at Stevens.

How to Connect to "Stevens Guest"

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