Solidworks And McAfee Conflict

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This article is Deprecated and may no longer apply to currently supported systems.

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Solid Works and McAfee Anti-Virus Conflict

At one point, for a period of a few weeks, McAfee Anti-Virus was detecting files within Solid Works as containing viruses and deleting them. The McAfee recommended solution is to exclude Solid Works from being scanned. The following documentation and procedures will make the changes to McAfee to exclude Solid Works files and restore the deleted ones.

Automatic Script

  1. Download this autoit script. (It is located at:
  2. Run the script. When the msg box tells you to download SWFView.dll, go to step three.
  3. Download SWFView.dll to C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\. (It is located at:

Manual Fix

If you have altered the default exclusion list on McAfee, or the above doesn't resolve the problem, you may have to manually enter the information, and possibly re-install Solid Works.

  1. On the VirusScan Console, right click on On-Access Scanner and select Properties.
  2. On the left hand side, click on All Processes.
  3. Again on the left hand side, click on Low-Risk Processes.
  4. Under the Processes tab, click on Add and select SolidWorks and then OK.
  5. Click on the Detection tab and under Scan Files, uncheck the first two boxes (1. When writing to disk 2. When reading to disk).
  6. Click Apply.
  7. If Solid Works still refuses to open, please complete _just_ step 3 of above.
  8. If it still does not work, reinstall Solid Works.


This should not be a problem at present, as McAfee resolved this issue.

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