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About the Product

For information about about Solidworks 2010, please visit the official website:

Install Guide

Instructions for installing Solidworks 2010 can be found at the Solidworks 2010 Install page.

Update Guide

The Solidworks Installation Manager makes it easy to update your version of Solidworks 2010. Please see the Solidworks 2010 Update Guide.

License Server

Solidworks uses a license server which is hosted on campus. This means that each time you wish to use the application, you must have internet connectivity. Please see the Solidworks License Server article for more information.

NOTE: Currently, there is a problem with Solidworks 2010 over VPN. The issue has been brought up with the vendor who is working towards a solution to the problem. The current workaround is to use SolidWorks 2009 which can also be found on \\storage01\public.

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