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In addition to actually venturing to the lab and sitting down at one of the computers, there is a way to access the UNIX lab from your campus room, or at home. This program is called PuTTY, or a remote xterm session.


Step 1 - Download

The Stevens issued Student Laptops should have PuTTY installed. If you don't have the program, go to

and download the english EXE file to your desktop.

Step 2 - Open PuTTY

Run the file, (by clicking the EXE you just downloaded,) and you should get a box like this:

From here, we will set-up the program to connect to the linux-lab server. Use these configurations to set-up your PuTTY client.
  • Once you get these settings, click the “Save” box so that you will not have to re-input them the

next time you try and use the client.

After you’re done inputting, double click on “Lab CS” and you should be able to connect to the Linux lab. Take care, seeing that each time you connect to the server, it will route you to another computer in the lab to help alleviate the stress put on any individual computer.

  • To log in, enter your user name, and the password that you assigned when first setting up the account.
  • This service and information is not managed by the Steven Information Technology Help Desk, but rather the Stevens Computer Science Department.
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