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Acceptable Use of Switches or Routers Connected to the Campus Network in Residence Halls and Greek Houses

  • Switches: Stevens Students are allowed to connect up to 5 registered computers to one port on the Stevens network in Residence Halls or Greek Houses through use of a switch.
  • Routers and NAT Routers: Stevens DOES NOT offer technical assistance for the configuration or support of user supplied routers. If you are having trouble connecting to the network with a router, support staff will ask you to plug the machine directly into the wall port to eliminate any problems with the router and to determine if the port is having trouble. Should the port or your laptop be malfunctioning, we will troubleshoot this further. Support staff will not help you set up or troubleshoot a router on the Stevens Network.
  • Routers or switches may not be used in administrative or academic buildings.
  • If you have a wireless router, the wireless function MUST BE TURNED OFF. Rogue wireless networks lessen the signal strength of the Stevens wireless network in the dorms, making it harder for your fellow students to connect. If you are discovered to have a wireless network set up in the dorm, we will ask you to shut it down. Most routers come with the ability to turn the wireless network function off.
  • If you wish to connect multiple computers in residence halls click here
  • All Stevens Network Policies apply to traffic coming in to the network from your port regardless of your use of a switch, router or wireless router. If you have any questions about the policies on routers and switches on the Stevens Network, contact the Help Desk.
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