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Stevens Pipeline is a web-based portal that customizes access to information technology resources based on one's role at Stevens. As faculty, you can:

  • Access Web for Faculty
  • Use Pipeline Group communication tools
  • Access your Stevens Email
  • Check your e-mail quota usage and space used on "storage01"
  • Read Personal and Campus announcements
  • Personal, course-specific, and other calendars
  • Access "Mailman" (separate mailing list service)
  • Change your Campus Domain Password
  • Use a link to Library databases and get access information
  • And more...

All enrolled undergraduates and graduate students have Pipeline accounts. New faculty and employees who do not yet have a Pipeline account can apply for one by submitting a new account request form available from the Information Technology website.

Some of the Pipeline features of interest to faculty may include the following:

  • Class groups, featuring group Calendaring, E-mail lists (you can easily contact one or all members in each class you teach), Chat, and more. Please use Pipeline class group e-mail. (Or you can e-mail your class within WebCT, if your course uses WebCT.)
  • The e-mail server (nexus) provides each person with a default of 100 MB of e-mail space.. The maximum size of an attached file is 20 MB and the total size of a message and all attachments can be up to 25 MB. You may attach up to 10 files per message, as long as together they do not exceed the 25 MB limit.
  • Direct access to your Web For Faculty account (no separate login required); your logon ID will be your username, not your Social Security Number.
  • All your courses will be listed on the Pipeline "My Courses" tab.
  • If you have requested WebCT for a course, after you enable WebCT as the default course homepage in Pipeline, you and your students can go directly into your WebCT course shell with one click. (Request WebCT for your course(s) by sending email to "webctadmin@stevens.edu".) Final grades can be submitted from WebCT directly to the Student Information System, eliminating the need to enter them separately into WebCT and Web for Faculty. If you choose not to use WebCT for your courses, Pipeline offers course communication tools and a calendar for each course. Use of these features is controlled by the individual faculty member on a course basis, so it is possible to have WebCT and non-WebCT supported courses.

Logging Into Pipeline

Go to http://cpipe.stevens.edu/.

  • Username: Most likely your first initial and up to seven characters of your last name
  • Initial Password: Web For Faculty PIN

Your Stevens Pipeline username and password should have been mailed or faxed to you when you requested your new Pipeline account from Information Technology. If you have forgotten or if you are not sure what your Pipeline username is, go to https://itweb1.stevens-tech.edu/campuspipelineusername/

Your initial Pipeline password is your Web for Faculty PIN. (Note: If you are a Stevens student as well as a faculty member, use your Web for Student PIN, not your Web for faculty PIN. You will be able to access your Web For Student and Web For Faculty information through Pipeline.)

You will be prompted to change your Pipeline password at the first login. The new password you choose will become your permanent Pipeline password unless you change it. (NOTE: Your Web For Faculty PIN will not be changed. You can still use your faculty PIN if you want to directly access Web for Faculty at http://www.stevens.edu/es/faculty.)


Your e-mail address at Stevens is in the format username@stevens.edu.

The name of Pipeline's e-mail server is "nexus".

You do not have to use Pipeline's e-mail client to take advantage of the "nexus" e-mail server. It is possible to use any IMAP client software, such as Outlook. You can also sync your Outlook calendar to many hand held devices. Documentation is available at Stevens Email.

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