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* Esuds laundry machines
* Esuds laundry machines
* Food services
* Food services
* [http://www.stevens.edu/cardoffice/duck_bills/off_campus.php Off-campus dining]
* [http://www.stevens.edu/sit/cardoffice/duckbills-merchant/offcampus Off-campus dining]

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OLCO stands for On-Line Card Office. This is a website allows you to manage your Duckbills account.

Reaching OLCO

You can reach the OLCO website by logging into myStevens and clicking on Duckbills.

Alternatively, you can visit http://www.stevens.edu/olco. To log in, use your Stevens Username and myStevens Password.

Website Features

Some features of this website include:

  • View account activity
  • Make deposits
  • Grant access to other users
  • Automatic deposits
  • Set low balance warnings


The OLCO website is the system behind the following services:

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