Network Printing on Windows

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Adding the Printer

Step 1 - Open Devices and Printers

Click Start then select Devices and Printers

Step 2 - Click Add Printer

Step 3 - Select Add Local Printer

Step 4 - Add New TCP/IP Port

Select Create a new port then select Standard TCP/IP Port

Step 5 - Type the Printer's IP Address

Enter the printers ip address in the dialog box Hostname

Step 6 - Printer Name Screen

Click Next - Note that if Windows was unable to automatically find and install a printer driver you will need to proceed to Step 9

Step 7 - Printer Sharing

Make sure Do not share this printer is selected the click Next.

Step 8 - You have successfully added the printer

You can select the option Print a test page to verify. Click Finish to complete the process.

Manually Installing Driver (if necessary)

Step 9 - Install a print driver

You can search through the menu for your printer's make and model. In most cases you will have to provide the driver file by clicking Have Disk - Note that you will have to provide the driver file by downloading it from the manufacturers website.

Step 10 - Install from disk

Click Browse then browse to the driver file location on your computer (the folder you saved the driver file to when you downloaded from the manufacturer website).

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