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These are the steps necessary reach the NJ Transit Quik-Tik page through Stevens. In order to be eligible for NJ Transit Quik-Tik you must be a Full Time Student at Stevens. In order to receive your monthly pass, you must apply before the 10th day of the previous month. For example, for a September pass you must apply before August 10th.



Log into MyStevens

  • Once logged in to MyStevens, click on the NJ Transit Quik-Tik.


  • If this is your first time using NJ Transit Quik-Tik, select Enroll and click Submit.
  • Once you click the Submit button, you will be taken to the Quik-Tik page and you should follow the 5 Simple Steps.

Logging In

  • After you have enrolled you should be able to log in.
  • To log in, select Login and click Submit.
  • You should now be at the Quik-Tik page. Enter your Quik-Tik Username and Password and select Login.
  • If you get an error screen then you may have entered your credentials wrong or you do not have a Quik-Tik Account and must enroll for one. Please go to Step 3 and follow the instructions for enrolling.
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