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Your myStevens account is used to access myStevens. This is a general web portal for people affiliated with Stevens to access campus technology services, view announcements, and keep in touch with campus life.

This is also the account used to access your Stevens Email.


General Information

Effective Wednesday, July 28, 2010, Stevens Pipeline has been replaced with myStevens, which incorporates a single sign-on page that binds the logon to all instances (and tabs) of a browser. The most common services are displayed as icons, and those used less frequently as links below the icons, reducing the number of clicks necessary to reach a Stevens web service.

The direct logon to Web Self Services (Web for Students) using the Campus Wide ID and PIN has been eliminated. Logon to Web Self Services will only be possible by first logging onto myStevens.

Please feel free to direct comments and questions to the Information Technology Help Desk at 201.216.5500 or


Your Stevens username is assigned to you when you enter Stevens. It has a maximum of 8 characters, and takes the form of first letter of your first name and the first 7 characters of your last name. If you have a common first initial and last name, the last digit/letter of your username will be replaced with a digit incrementally. You'll see this more with certain common last names. Once you become affiliated with Stevens, you will receive a letter containing this information. You can go to logon help or contact the Stevens Helpdesk to verify your username if you misplaced the original letter.


Log in for the first time with the PIN provided to you by the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Office. It is recommended you change your password using the Password Service which can be accessed under "My Info" on the left side of the myStevens page.

If you've forgotten your password, please use the Password Service and a reset link will be sent to your non-Stevens email address. You are required to know ONE of the following:

  • Campus Wide ID
  • Stevens username
  • Social security number
  • First name, last name, and date of birth

If you have trouble, you can contact the Stevens Helpdesk. A password can only be reset for a user who contacts the Help Desk directly.

Bookmarking myStevens

If you wish to save a bookmark in your web browser for easy access to myStevens, please edit the bookmark so it points to or You will not be able to use a bookmark that points to the URL of the Shibboleth login page.

Logging Out

Please protect your myStevens account. Because the single sign-on system (Shibboleth) authenticates your entire browser session, you must fully exit your browser (all tabs, all windows) in order to log out of myStevens. There is no "log out" button.

For iOS devices, you must quit Mobile Safari, which is different from closing Mobile Safari.

  • To quit Mobile Safari in iOS version...
    • 3.x, hold the Sleep/Wake switch until the "Slide to power off" screen appears, then hold the Home button until the Home Screen is visible again.
    • 4.x, Double-tap the Home Button to reveal your recently used Apps. Tap and hold the Safari icon down until the icons begin to wiggle. Tap the Minus button in the upper left hand corner. The icon will vanish. Safari has quit.

Getting to Web for Students from myStevens

  1. Log in to myStevens
  2. Click the Student/Faculty Web Self Services button in the upper right.

myStevens Tips

  • Campus Announcements intended for students should be submitted to Student Life (e-mail
  • Submit other announcements (for Stevens staff, faculty, or for the entire Institute) to the Print Shop via e-mail to

Email Tips

To access your Stevens Email in a web browser directly through myStevens, click the Webmail icon (Under Campus Services), and then click on Inbox.

The following computer clients can be configured to manage your email:

In addition, some phones can be set up for Stevens Email using the below guides:

Instructors are offered a service to send a message to their class. Click on Targeted E-Mail under Campus Services.

Webmail Options

  • Use Settings to set your personal e-mail preferences.
  • To keep copies of Sent messages, choose Options, Mail Preferences. (NOTE: By default, copies of Sent messages are NOT saved.)
  • Auto Reply can be configured in the Message Center using the Email auto reply article.
  • Auto Forward can be configured in the Message Center using the How To Forward Your Email To Another Account artilce.
  • Under Settings you may change your Signature at the bottom of the page.
  • By default, deleted messages are sent to the Deleted folder immediately, to automatically delete these messages, go to Settings and check Auto Delete Trash or Delete Trash On Logout.

Campus Services

  • myMail is where you can access Email.
  • Managing your account payment and details about billing are located under eBilling.
  • The icon for Duckbills will help you manage Duckbills at the Online Card Office.
  • Technical problems or advice can be assessed by the Help Desk by clicking on the Information Technology Help Desk link.
  • For Web Services (Including Add/Dropping Courses and Schedules), click on the Icon for Student/Faculty Web Self Services.
  • WebCampus/Moodle is where online courses and online portions of courses can be found. Click the Moodle Link.
  • Some courses offer online lectures for download, the iTunes U link is where they can be found.
  • Campus Alerting allows a user to set up if they want text alerts, email alerts to other accounts, and the sort for when alerts need to be forwarded to the campus.
  • Physical Plant Workorder allows users to queue a job to be looked at by physical plant. This link will only appear when connected to the campus network.

Searching for People and E-mail Addresses

If you are not sure of someone's e-mail address, you can search for it inside the People-Finder tool.

  • Found under Campus Quick Links, you can find the People Finder.
  • By typing their name into People Finder, you can find out their E-mail address, role and other various information.

Personal Address Book can be found under WebMail by clicking on the Addresses tab. Transferring Pipeline Contacts list to Webmail can be found here

  • Enter the person's first name and/or last name.
  • You can also search by e-mail address. You might want to search by the e-mail address to make sure you are spelling the person's first name correctly, or to be sure you are sending the message to the correct person if he or she has a common last name. You may use "*" as a wildcard in the e-mail address. (E.g., d*evan*)
  • Select the correct person from the search results by clicking in the to, cc, or bcc checkbox. Then click the Address button.
  • Click OK on the next screen to continue composing the message to the addressee you selected.


How do I get my myStevens account?

A: First, you need to be accepted by Stevens. Once you receive your acceptance letter, you need to submit your deposit/intent to enroll. Your account will be automatically generated at this point. You should receive a letter in the mail regarding your myStevens account.

How do I forward my email?

A: Your Stevens email can be forwarded to another email address using the Message Center. Please refer to our instructions here: How To Forward Your Email To Another Account.

What happens when I graduate?

A: After graduation your myStevens services will soon become unavailable. However if you have email forwarding set-up then that forwarding will remain for a semester. This means that emails sent to your will still be forwarded to another email address. This feature is available to allow students a year to update their web services with a different email address. Before the forwarding is removed (after the tradition semester) you will receive email warnings.

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