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Installing Microsoft Office 2010

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Office 2010 Installer

Check the box that says I accept the terms of this agreement and then click Continue.

Office 2010 activation step1.jpg

Step 2: Choose your installation type

Click on Upgrade.

Office 2010 activation step2.jpg

Step 3: Finish Installation

Click on Close.

Office 2010 activation step3.jpg

Step 4: Restart Computer

Save any open work and press Yes

Office 2010 activation step5.jpg

Activating Microsoft Office 2010

Step 5: Open Microsoft Word

  • Select Use Recommended Settings
  • Click OK

Office 2010 activation step6.jpg

Step 6: Change product key

  • Click on the File tab
  • Click on Help
  • Click on Change Product Key

Office 2010 activation step7.jpg

Step 7: Enter product key

Enter the Product key found in Office Serial.txt. this file is located on \\Storage01\ms\Office 2010 Professional

Office 2010 activation step8 alt.jpg

Step 8: Install product key

Click on Install Now.

Office 2010 activation step9.jpg

Step 9: Finish

Click on Close.

Office 2010 activation step10.jpg

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