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Accessing Message Center

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Message center can be accessed through myStevens by clicking on Message Center under Campus Services.

Alternatively, it can be reached directly at


SPAM Filter

Stevens uses Google Message Security service to protect the campus community against dangerous e-mail viruses and spam.

A Brief overview of the service:

  • All e-mail passes through Postini's service where it detects suspicious junk email and viruses before arriving at your inbox.
  • Suspicious email is not delivered to your inbox but is directed to your personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center.
    • It is beneficial to think of this as a quarantine area. In your Message Center you can read the quarantined message, delete it, or deliver (forward) it to your inbox.
  • Note that Stevens does not e-mail users the daily quarantine summary discussed in the guided tour and FAQ.
  • You can adjust Message Center settings to define how sensitive you are to spam as well as the language of your choice. Access the Message Center at using your Stevens username and Stevens password to authenticate.
  • You can "block" senders. Junk email from your blocked senders list is always quarantined. You can also "approve" senders. Email from your approved senders is delivered providing it does not contain a virus.

For more information about the Message Center, take a guided tour of the service: Take the Guided Tour.

For additional questions you may have regarding the Message Center or Quarantine Summary, please view our Message Center FAQ: Questions About the Message Center

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is set up using the Message Center. For instructions on setting up Mail Forwarding, please use the How To Forward Your Email To Another Account guide.

Auto Reply/Away Message

The Automatic Reply feature allows users to notify senders of an absence or away state. Please follow the Email auto reply guide for instructions on how to set up an automatic email response.

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