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NOTE: McAfee AntiVirus was the antivirus solution provided with the machines provided by Stevens. McAfee has been replaced by the new anti-virus solution, AVG Anti-Virus. Below, you will find information on various tasks having to do with McAfee AntiVirus however, we recommend that all users upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus.


Installing and Updating

McAfee AntiVirus

Since McAfee AntiVirus is no longer supported by Stevens, AVG Anti-Virus has replaced it in the Storage01 directory. Please see the AVG Anti-Virus page for specific information pertaining to its installation and use.

McAfee AntiSpyware

See Installing McAfee AntiSpyware.

Scheduling Weekly Scans

See Scheduling Antivirus and Spyware scans for McAfee AntiVirus and AntiSpyware. This will schedule scans for both AntiVirus and AntiSpyware utilities.

Scheduling Updates

See Auto-Updating McAfee Virus Scan.

Possible Problems

Other Solutions

If you are unable to use the Steven's Distributed Antivirus Utilities then you can use free Utilities.
Please Understand that the Free Solutions are not supported by the Helpdesk.
The Wikipedia Article on anti-virus software contains a list of free as well as commercial anti-virus solutions that anyone can use.

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