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Acquiring Matlab 2013B

The media required to install Matlab 2013B can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\public
  • Folder: Matlab2013b
NOTE: The public share is accessible to all staff/faculty, undergraduates and graduates.


Install Guide

  • Before installing, we recommend that a wired connection be used.

1. Open Finder->Go->Connect to Server

2. Enter and connect to the server smb://

3. Open the folder matlab2013b

4. Double click the file InstallForMacOSX and press Next.

5. Ensure that Install using the Internet is selected and press Next.

6. If you have a MathWorks account, log in (your email should be your full address) and press Next and skip to Step 11. If you do not have an account, select I need to create an Account and press Next.

7. If you need to create an account fill in the form on the next screen. You must use your full Stevens email address.

8. The activation key can be found in the root directory for Matlab 2013b in the file Activation.txt.

9. If creating a new Mathworks account you will receive a confirmation email to your Stevens address with a link to confirm your account.

10. The link will take you to the Mathworks website which will confirm your new account is activated.

11. Enter the activation key from the Activation.txt file if it is not already input. Press Next.

12. Select No on check for product updates.

13. Ensure that Typical is selected, then press Next.

14. Leave the installation location as the default unless you need to install to a specific folder. Press Next.

15. Press Install.

16. Press Next.

17. Make sure Activate MATLAB is checked. Press Next.

18. Press Next.

19. Do not change the default user for the software unless you are logged on as a different user to install the software and you will be using it under another account. This only applies to a handful of users who may be installing through an admin account due to their default account not having install rights. Press Next

20. Press Confirm.

21. Press Finish. Matlab 2013b should now be installed and activated.

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