Matlab 2008a on Linux

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This article is Deprecated and may no longer apply to currently supported systems.

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  • Mount the storage01/public drive on you machine. You can find instructions for mounting a Stevens IT Network Drive on our Linux_Map_a_Network_Drive page.
  • Navigate to the Matlab 2008 directory.
  • Copy the Mac and Linux folder to a local directory.

Installation Instructions

Step 1- Run the installer

Within the directory you've just copied to a local location you will see an executable named install. Run that executable (if you would like the installer to automatically create sym links then run as a super user), and you will be prompted for an install directory.

Linux MATLAB 2008a 01.png

This is the directory where the installer will place the program's files.

Step 2- Make a MathWorks Account

On the next screen the installer will ask for a user name and password. This will be your MathWorks user name and password.

Linux MATLAB 2008a 02.png

Now you will have to go to and click the Create Account link in the top right hand corner. On the account creation form you will have to use your stevens email address.

Mathworks account 01.png

Refer to the highlighted areas of the form.

Step 3- Enter the Activation Key

Now you will need to enter the Activation Key for the Matlab 2008a. You can find this key in the License Key.rtf file within the Mac and Linux directory.

Linux MATLAB 2008a 03.png

Step 4- Install the Selected Files

For typical installation you can accept the default selection.

Linux MATLAB 2008a 04.png

Step 5- Automatically Install the License

After the installation is complete the Matlab activator will begin and ask you to finish the activation and download the license (this application will do this automatically).

Linux MATLAB 2008a 05.png

Simple click next on the first prompt. The next prompt will ask you for your local user name.

Linux MATLAB 2008a 06.png

The user name the prompt asks you for is the user name on your local machine.

Running MATLAB

If you choose to install the sym links for matlab you can open a terminal, type matlab and hit enter to start the application. Otherwise launch the executable from the directory where you installed Matlab.

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