Matlab 2007b on Windows

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Installation Instructions for Matlab 2007b

Step 1

  • Access \\storage01\public, and locate the Matlab 2007b folder
  • Find the setup file, and click Run to begin the setup wizard

Step 2

  • Make sure the Install bubble is filled
  • Then click Next

Matlab 2007 1.jpg

Step 3

  • Fill in your full name for the name category, and Stevens Institute of Technology for the organization field
  • Copy the license key from the Matlab folder, and paste it into the PLP field
  • Then, click Next

Matlab 2007 2.jpg

Step 4

  • Click the Install the product versions from my DVD or local disk only bubble
  • Then, click Next

Matlab 2007 3.jpg

Step 5

  • The full license agreement can be found in the Matlab folder. After reading, fill the Yes bubble when prompted if you agree with the terms.
  • Then, click Next

Matlab 2007 4.jpg

Step 6

  • For Installation Type, click the Typical bubble
  • Then, click Next

Matlab 2007 5.jpg

Step 7

  • At the Folder Selection menu, click Next

Matlab 2007 6.jpg

  • When prompted for the creation of the folder, click Yes

Matlab 2007 7.jpg

Step 8

  • At the Confirmation window, click Install

Matlab 2007 8.jpg

Step 9

  • At the Product Configuration Notes window, click Next

Matlab 2007 9.jpg

Step 10

  • Allow Matlab to install

Step 11

  • When the wizard indicates that setup is complete, click Finish

Matlab 2007 10.jpg

  • You are now finished installing Matlab 2007b
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