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Mathematica 9 Icon

Acquiring Mathematica 9

The media required to install Mathematica 9 can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\public
  • Folder: Mathematica9.01\Mac
NOTE: The public share is accessible to all staff/faculty, undergraduates and graduates.


Install Guide

  • Before installing, we recommend that a wired connection be used.
  • We also recommend to copy the entire Mathematica 9.01\Mac folder to your local hard drive.

1. Open \\storage01\public (see mapping a network drive). Enter the \Mathematica 9.01\Mac folder, then double-click the Mathematica_9.0.1_OSX_Universal.dmg file to begin the installation process.

2. Drag the Mathematica icon to the Applications folder you see on the screen.

3. A dialog showing the installation progress will display. When the dialog closes the application installation is complete.

4. Open Finder then Applications. Browse to the Mathematica icon. Double click to open.

5. You will need the license information found in the License.txt file found in the root Mathematica 9.01 folder.

10. Fill in the Name, Organization and Password fields exactly as they appear in the License.txt file.

11. Check I accept the terms of this agreement then press Ok.

Mathematica 9.01 is now installed and activated.

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